4 tips to do laundry better

4 tips to do laundry better

For many, doing laundry can be a cumbersome chore. Some wash their clothes daily while some choose to accumulate their soiled clothes and wash them on a weekly basis. After all, laundry should be just a push of buttons on the washing machine. We all share the disappointment when our favourite pieces are ruined after laundry. At times, we wonder why our clothes still smell unpleasant or shrink after cleaning. 

Having a simple laundry routine is important as it ensures that our clothes will have a low tendency of getting damaged. Thus, we will like to share 4 tips on how we can do laundry better at home and tackle laundry day like a pro!

Step 1: Zip the zippers 

First, always remember to zip up the zippers. As long as there are zips on the clothing, be sure to zip them up before washing. Sharp edges of the zipper teeth can scratch and cause pulled threads on your silk, wool and delicate garments. Thus, it is important that we make a habit to zip up our clothing before throwing them into our laundry basket or washing machine.

Step 2: Empty pockets 

Secondly, empty your pockets before washing your garments. More often than not, we tend to leave tissue papers, receipts, and small items e.g. cards in our pockets after changing out of them. Items that would disintegrate in water like tissues and receipts could ruin our laundry. At times, we might even leave our pen in the shirt pockets and the ink may leak and stain the whole laundry load. Therefore, it is important to check if there is anything left in the pockets before washing your clothes.

Step 3: Sort your clothes

Thirdly, sorting out our clothes before washing is a step which many tend to skip. An easy way to get started on sorting will be to get a laundry basket with compartments! You can easily find them from Lazada. Don’t underestimate the benefits of sorting our garments. A general rule would be to separate your laundry pile into dark coloured, light coloured, delicates/intimates, and dry cleaning items. During the washing process, fabric dye on dark coloured clothing may colour bleed and it could transfer onto other garments. Jeans, red cotton t-shirts are some clothing which will colour bleed for at least their first 5 washes. Thus, with sorting, you can minimise the risks of laundry mishaps e.g. colour stains, shrinkage. 

Step 4: Use laundry net bags 

Last but not the least, use laundry net bags to protect delicate clothing and intimates. By separating your delicates and intimates in laundry net bags, it would prevent small pieces from getting misplaced or being left behind in the washing machine. You can easily purchase them on the common online shopping platforms or even find them at Daiso.

All in all, we hope that our 4 tips can help you do laundry better, and have all your laundry smelling clean and fresh. However, if you’re just too busy to wash your laundry, you can always outsource them to us! Presto Drycleaners provides 6 days a week home pick up service for load wash and dry cleaning. Just leave the laundry chores to us while you spend your laundry day with your family and friends. 

You can call us at 6354 3277 or send us a message on Whatsapp to book a laundry pick up. We will always be there to attend to your laundry needs.

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