4 Ways To Clean Your Curtains

If you’ve read our article on “How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains” on our blog, you should be aware that every household item from bed sheets to carpet has a recommended cleaning schedule. As for curtains, it is recommended to clean them every 3 to 6 months.

With the vast variety of curtain types available in the market, there are many convenient ways to clean your curtains using different tools and products. We understand how hard it may be to figure this out on your own hence, here’s 4 ways to clean your curtains for you to choose from. 

Using A Washing Machine 

One of the ways to keep your curtains clean, is to use a washing machine. When using a washing machine, knowing the material of your curtains play an important role in this process. Materials such as lace or silk should be avoided being machine washed as they are considered delicate materials. However, we are aware of how washing your own curtains at home may require 3-5 loads, hence, we recommend heading over to your nearest laundromat or Presto Drycleaners Laundromat at Bukit Timah Plaza to help you save time on those loads and drying time. 

A few things to remember before using machine wash is, 

  • Ensure you wash your curtains on a delicate or gentle cycle. If that option isn’t available, you may choose a cool wash with a slower spin. 
  • Using normal laundry detergent is sufficient in cleaning your curtains. Nevertheless, to ensure all stains are taken care of, spot clean stains before loading them into the washing machine.
  • Colour fading is a common encounter when using a washing machine, hence consider investing in a detergent that is specifically designed to wash coloured garments. 
  • Avoid over stuffing your washing machine. Doing so may not fully clean your curtains and also cause your machine to spoil. 

Washing By Hand

Hand washing your curtains may be the safest but also the most tideos option due to the size and weight of the curtains. Some perks that come along with hand washing is, you are in control of the pressure put into scrubbing the material. On top of that, you can individually spot and treat each stain. This ensures that your curtains are cleaned diligently avoiding the risks of tearing and double cleaning. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when hand washing your curtains, 

  • Use a delicate specified detergent to avoid damaging these delicate materials. 
  • Before washing, follow the instructions of your curtains by looking at the laundry care tag. If you need assistance in understanding the symbol, you may take a look at our laundry care symbol guide

Steam Cleaning 

Even though steam cleaning isn’t very commonly recognised in Singapore, you may use this method in your own home. You may use a handheld steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment to dislodge stains and dirt from the curtain with minimal effort. Using this method does not require you to dismantle your curtains which makes it a good disinfectant process but may not be a thorough cleaning procedure. 

Some tips to aid in your cleaning procedure:

  • It is recommended to start from the top and work your way to the bottom
  • If you notice your curtains becoming wet, which is something you should avoid, hold the appliance further away from the curtain

Dry Cleaning Your Curtains

Cleaning your own curtains can be a hassle. Since they are larger in size and come with added weight, the cleaning and drying process can be quite a task. It requires strength when dismantling it and plenty of space in the drying process. On top of that, some curtains have specific pleats that can be pretty difficult to get back to their original pattern after washing. Hence, as a professional dry cleaner, we recommend professional dry cleaning for your curtains as they ensure proper use of cleaning settings which will result in quality cleaning and most importantly, lesser risks of damage. 

Tips when bringing for dry cleaning:

  • Spot check your curtains to ensure all stains are identified
  • Ensure you’ve read our terms and conditions for a hassle free cleaning journey 

However, like mentioned above, dry cleaning your curtains produces lesser risks of damage but may still occur. There are two common risks that occur when cleaning your curtains. Those are, shrinkage of 3%-5% and tears due to prolonged sun exposure. These risks are prevalent for all types of cleaning and we recommend our customers to purchase their curtains from trusted manufacturers that sell curtains using quality fabrics.

With that, those are the four ways to clean your curtains! Curtain cleaning can be a tedious task but is essential to maintain a clean environment for you and your loved ones. If you require any assistance in your curtain dismantling, for a minimum spend of S$150, we provide a free dismantling and installation service for your curtain needs! Call in at +65 6354 3277 to book a slot with us and be on your way to a hassle free cleaning experience.