5 signs on when you should say goodbye to your clothes

Ciao to the wonderful memories and to new ones ahead!

Have you watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Do you feel motivated to start organising your closets? After all, Marie makes it look so effortless and relaxing! However, the truth is you will soon realise that decluttering ain’t that easy. Standing there for hours, looking at your clothes and contemplating on whether you should get rid of that piece of clothing is tiring.

After all that struggle, you will more than often find yourself keeping the majority of your wardrobe. There will always be some clothing pieces which are e.g. missing a button, a little too loose, a little too tight, which you like to keep. Alteration service is the go to to revive these garments. Presto offers a full range of tailoring services at all our outlets in Singapore. With our team of in house tailors, we provide meticulous and precise alteration to fit all. 

To help you in your decluttering journey, we have put together our top 5 signs on when you should say goodbye to your clothes. 

Sign 1: You haven’t worn it… in a while

Or at all. Maybe you’ve bought this piece of clothing during the Black Friday sale. It all happened when there was 20% off and you thought what better time to buy it than now. Or it could be a dress you’ve bought for a party that you wouldn’t wear it but have been keeping in your wardrobe just in case you need it for another party. Then, it’s perhaps time to think whether you really need that piece of clothing.

The best way to go about doing it is to ask yourself, if you’ll be wearing that piece of clothing in the following month and if it’s something you’ll wear in the long run.

If you have an extremely cluttered wardrobe, you may want to be stricter, and give away that piece of clothing to someone who may find it more useful.

Sign 2: It’s (no longer) trendy

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So, you were a victim to extremely low-rise jeans that were in trend back in the early 2000s or the Matrix-inspired sunglasses that had gotten traction in 2019. Fashion trends do come and go. While there is nothing wrong with wearing a piece that is out of trend, it’s crucial to see if it still fits your likes and lifestyle today. If it’s something that’s hard to incorporate into your daily outfits, it’s best to let it go for something better.

Sign 3: It doesn’t fit

Our body and weight fluctuate and that’s completely normal. Be it a holiday, a different workout routine, or hormonal changes. The fit of your clothing may change. When that happens, your clothes would have gotten too loose or too small for you. Then, it’s perhaps best to get rid of it.

It can be hard. However, one always needs to think positively, “sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can”.

However, for those with sentimental value, there’s still hope if you look into the possibility of alterations. 

Sign 4: It’s supposed to be a staple piece 

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Just because an LBD is often seen as a clothing staple for the ladies, that does not mean you need to feel pressured to wear it. A staple piece is often seen as a must-have. But if you figured that the style doesn’t feel you or it just does not look flattering, you don’t have to feel obligated to keep it.

For the Gentlemen, if you’ve gotten a piece tailored suit and you don’t feel it anymore, maybe, you just have not found the perfect staple piece yet. That’s fine as you can give it a home to someone who might.

Sign 5: It’s just in a bad condition

Well, if the piece of clothing is torn, ripped, or stained with an unknown that cannot be removed, it’s best to say goodbye. For instance, if it is a bloodstain, there are still some hopes that it can be removed. However, damages that are beyond repair has no value of keeping. 

Some pieces are not meant to be thrown away

Having said that, we all understand that at times, there are really some pieces that are priceless as it is sentimental value, like your very first branded piece. In that case, we would advise that prevention is better than cure. Also, if you are really in love with that piece, you can read our blog to learn more about different garment care methods and tips to prolong the lifespan of your clothing. 

Simply book an appointment on our website if you have any laundry pickup requests. Alternatively, you can call our friendly staff at +65 6354 3277 or Whatsapp us. We will always be there for you!

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