6 Steps to Prepare your Clothing Donation

Yes, you’ve read that right. Donating your clothes in Singapore isn’t just heading over to a donation drive and throwing off your clothes. The process of clothing donation starts when you are decluttering your closet. It is crucial to ensure that the clothes are in prime condition when donating them. That’s because not all clothes can be donated. If your clothes are not clean or in a good condition, they may not be suitable for donation. To prepare your clothing donation for your preferred charity organisation, make sure to have your clothes cleaned and repaired.

If you’re wondering what to look out for when preparing for clothing donation, here are 6 Steps on how you can start donating clothes in Singapore! 

Step 1: Check with the charity organization

It’s always best to check with the charity organisation with regards to the type of clothes they need. This is because certain organisations may have certain items in demand if they are donating it to specific funds or causes. 

Popular charity organizations like The Salvation Army may have already received a ton of clothing for donation. As such, it will be great if we could check with the organisation on what donations they need the most. Checking ahead with the organisation saves you from bringing clothes that they may not even be accepted in the first place.

Step 2: Pre-sort your clothes 

Now that you know where and what type of clothes can be donated, it’s time to sort your clothing pile. You can start by dividing the pile into clothes you’ll keep, you’d donate or recycle. By embracing sustainability and avoiding throwing your preloved clothes in the trash, you’d be helping to save the environment. 

Step 3: Inspect your clothes

After you have sorted your clothes and you’ve narrowed it down to the clothes you’d like to donate, it’s important to make sure you inspect them thoroughly. It’s vital to ensure that the clothes are not stained, ripped, torn or damaged as they would be rejected by the organisations. It’s also crucial to scan the clothes for any damaged zips or missing buttons or any other malfunctioning parts. We will suggest for you to repair these garments before sending them out for donation. It is only responsible to be donating wearable and functional items for people who need them more than us. If you’re not skilled at alteration, sewing or stain removal, you can always drop them at our Presto Outlets for a quick service. At Presto Drycleaners, we offer alteration services, stain cleaning and removal to help you refresh them. 

Step 4: Wash & pack clothes before donation

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We know, laundry’s the last thing you’d want to do for clothes that you’re just going to give off. If there are stains or any other spills, it’s important to wash your clothes and treat the stain till it has been removed. Remember, just spraying body spray onto your clothes won’t do. After you are done washing and drying your clothes, fold and pack them neatly in a plastic carrier. 

Step 5: Take note of clothes you are donating

After you’ve selected the items for donation, you can make a simple note of the clothes you’ll be donating off. I recommend creating a list on your phone or taking pictures of clothes that you’d like to donate. This will prevent you from searching every nook and cranny of your house to search for an item you’ve previously donated. 

Step 6: Deliver your clothing donation

Finally, all packed and ready to go, deliver your clothing donation to your chosen organisation as soon as you’re done organising them. If you stashed them in a corner for too long, you may forget about them! 

We hope that this have helped and motivated you to send your clothes for donation. Let’s all play a part in making our society a better place????????????⁠

If you like to prewash your donated goods, simply contact us for laundry pickup services. You can Whatsapp us or contact our friendly staff at +65 6354 3277.

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