A Guide on How to Look Fresh for Your CNY OOTD

It is indeed a rough year to all of us, but thankfully, 2020 is finally gone for good. The celebration of the Chinese new year is only a few days away. It means it is another joyous and prosperous time to meet our family and closest friends. An event that we wish not to miss celebrating with them.

While celebrating CNY this year is a bit different, there is one thing that remains the same. That is to look fabulous as we exchange mandarin oranges. As a provider of laundry service in Singapore, we would want you to look flawless for your CNY OOTD. So, let us share with a guide on how to look fresh on your outfit.

How to Look Fresh for Your Chinese New Year OOTD?

  1. Choose the right washer setting.

    All clothes are made with different combinations of fabric. It means that they require a different way of washing, while others do not. So, before you throw your clothes into the washer, check its label of what washer setting you should use.

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  1. Buy a mesh laundry bag.

    If you think that your CNY OOTD has delicate fabric, placing it inside this mesh laundry bag would keep it safe from any damage. Worry not since it does not cost so much on Lazada.
  1. Wash clothes inside out.

    Another way to keep your CNY clothes safe is to wash it inside out. It would prevent its exterior from fading and the buttons from coming loose. With that, you can wear your outfit looking good as new.
  1. Use the appropriate detergent and fabric softener.

    Of course, before washing any clothes, be sure to use the right detergent and fabric softener. So, it would not be too harsh on its fabric, and it would retain its top shape. As dry cleaners near you, we suggest you use biodegradable laundry products. Their ingredients are much milder and eco-friendly, too.

  2. Wash in cold water.

    Yes, but only if your clothes came from natural fabric like cotton, wool, and linen. Washing it in cold temperature would prevent it from shrinking. Remember that is what hot and warm water do to clothes.

  3. Mend the rip in clothes.

    Since you cannot shop spree like you always do, you can wear your old CNY OOTDs. Just make sure to repair any rip areas it has. So, it would look great and new again.

  4. Dry the clothes outside.

    After washing your CNY OOTD, make sure to hang it outside on your foldable drying laundry rack. Air-drying it under the sun would give the clothes a fresh and clean smell. With that, you are ready to exchange mandarin oranges for ang bao!

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At Presto Drycleaners, we hope our laundry service tips in this guide will help you get ready before CNY comes. In any case, your clothes need dry cleaning, call our dry cleaning services. We guarantee you that we will take good care of your clothes and complete your request on time. That way, you may have a more joyous and prosperous time with your family and closest friends.

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