At Presto, we have a team of experienced and professional tailors who are capable to provide meticulous stitching, sewing and alteration services in Singapore. A selected number of outlets are equipped with individual fitting rooms where you are able to fit your clothings and allow our tailors to make tailored and personalised adjustments for your garments. We use premium quality zippers, threads and sewing accessories sourced locally in Singapore. Our alteration services takes 14 working days.

Our professional alteration and garment repair services is complementary to our dry cleaning services.

What's Included in the Service?

On-Site Tailor (available at Suntec)

Our professional tailors are available 5 days a week from Mondays - Fridays @ Suntec City to serve your alteration needs.

On-Site Tailor Operating Hours:
Suntec City Tailor:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm (exclude Sat, Sun & PH)

Mending & Sewing Service

Tears and holes are common issues that we face in our garments. Our professional tailors will repair your garment by using suitable threads or cloth to ensure that the holes are concealed to our best ability, bringing a new lease of life to them. Depending on the size of the hole and fabric material, mending service is done either by hand stitching or machine sewing.

Zip Replacements

We sourced our zippers locally in Singapore and we stock more than 50 assortment colors and lengths of zippers made available to choose from. We will try our best to match the closest colour against your garment for any replacement made.

Length Adjustments

We offer shortening and lengthening services so your bottoms and dresses will suit the look you desire. Measurements for your garment length adjustments are done in person with our staff or tailor.

Buttons Replacement

Buttons are often use on garments embellishment or for fastening usage. It may easily crack or chip after a long period of wear. We offer a wide range of buttons to suit your needs. We understand that some buttons are unique to your garment as such, we are able to accommodate the sourcing of unique buttons direct from shops and brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard alteration services takes 14 working days.

We provide the following alteration services:

– Shortening
– Tightening / Loosening
– Zipper Replacement
– Button replacement
– Mending

Our standard pricing range from the type of service rendered. Please refer to our Pricelist (link to pricelist page) for our minimum charges.

Please note that prices charged may vary depending on the type and complexity of service requested.

You may visit our outlets with in house tailors or you may contact us directly to enquire about our alteration service pricing.

Our in-house tailors are currently available at our outlets at:

– Suntec City
– ION Orchard

Fitting rooms are only available at our outlets with an in-house tailor, which are:

– Suntec City
– ION Orchard

Yes! We will be able to provide both alteration and dry cleaning services together. The processing time is 14 working days.

We sourced our zippers, threads and sewing accessories locally in Singapore and we work together with local partners like Lye Nai Shiong and Sing Mui Heng to bring to you the highest quality alteration service.

Tapering the legs of jeans to make them look skinnier is possible with an alteration service in Singapore. The extra fabric on the tailored jeans may be trimmed away or sewn inside if there’s not too much of it.

If your jeans are slightly too big at the waist, you can take in the waistband either on the back or the sides. An alteration service can easily tighten your jeans with a minimized risk of altering the form of your garments.

When a garment is too small, it’s usually possible to increase it slightly if there is enough fabric left at the seam. This extra fabric is called a seam allowance which determines whether a garment can get any larger.

A tailor can take the waist in or out easily and give your trousers a better fit. However, it’s not advisable to take trousers in or out by more than 1-1.5 inches to the waist as it could alter its style and form.

The waist of a pair of pants can be let in or taken out 1-1.5 inches or in some cases, 2-3 inches. Anything more than that and the pockets at the back will either be too close or overlap one another.

Pants can be easily downsized than upsized. However, there are a few limitations to it. For instance, if the pants are more than six sizes too big, altering them may cause the loss of the pockets. So, as a rule of thumb, buy clothes that are 1-1.5 sizes up.

Visit us today and have your clothing altered to your fit!