Alteration Services in Singapore | Presto Drycleaners

At Presto, we have a team of experienced and professional tailors who are capable to provide meticulous stitching, sewing and alteration services in Singapore. A selected number of outlets are equipped with individual fitting rooms where you are able to fit your clothings and allow our tailors to make tailored and personalised adjustments for your garments. Our professional alteration and garment repair services is complementary to our dry cleaning services.


Tears and holes are common issues that we face in our garments. We repair your garment, bringing a new lease of life to them.

Zip Replacements

We have more than 50 assortment colors and lengths of zippers made available to choose from. We will try our best to match the closest against your garment for any replacement made.

Length Adjustments

We offer shortening and lengthening services so your bottoms and dresses will suit the look you desire.

Buttons Replacement

Buttons are often use on garments embellishment or for fastening usage. It may easily crack or chip after a long period of wear. We offer a wide range of buttons to suit your needs.