Behind the Scenes: Laundry and Drycleaning

Many of us have always wondered what goes behind the scenes when our beloved Brooks Brothers Business Shirt or Burberry Silk Dress are sent to the professional dry cleaners.

Why do professional laundry and dry cleaning for each garment costs as much as a cup of coffee at Starbucks? What is the difference between dry cleaning and laundry service?

As such, we decided to give you a sneak peek into our processes and share with you on what goes into the cleaning of your garments at Presto Drycleaners.

Presto’s Process follows a simple but yet stringent 5 Stage Method.

Stage 1: Sorting

All our customers’ items are first received at our Main Laundry Processing Plant where they are sorted into these various categories by our General Laundry Specialists.

  • Type of Garment e.g. Jeans/ Jacket / Trousers
  • Materials
  • Colours
Stage 2: inspection & Pre Treatment

Every item is then carefully inspected and examine under white light by our specialist to identify any defects or stains on the pieces so that pre-treatment cleaners can be applied on these garments.

Some common defects which may be present are e.g. distortion in silk due to its delicate material through wear and tear, tiny holes in knitted items. yellow stains on white shirts.

Defects which may not be fully restored or stains which may not be removed will be communicated to our customers through our Customer Care Team for their permission to proceed.

stage 3: Processing

After inspection and pre-treatment, garments are sent off on to the 3 different tracks:

Stage 4: Finishing touches

Once the items are washed and dried, they are then sent to our various finishing stations to be restored its form, pressed and finally ironed.

Our pressing machine will be able to create a crease line which gives your Shirt or Trousers the look of class and sophistication. These crease lines are formed when the hot air of the iron penetrate through the fabric through a suction flow on the ironing board. This creates a line which will last over days of regular wear.

stage 5: Off they go!

After the garments are well finished, they are then checked by our QC and Operations Team. Our QC Team will give the green light for the garment before it goes to our Automated Packaging Machine.

Once the garments are packed and sealed, it will be sent to our outlets and into your hands.

Should you have any feedback with our service, our After Service Customer Care Team will be there to assist. Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or leave us a feedback onĀ

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the sneak peek behind the curtains!

Your Personal Laundryman,


Presto Drycleaners

2 Replies to “Behind the Scenes: Laundry and Drycleaning”

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Do you have an email address at which I can reach you? I’m a Presto customer and wish to lodge a complaint.


    1. Dear Justin,

      We are so sorry for your experience!
      Thanks for reaching out to us, you can drop us an email at [email protected] with more details of your issue and our customer care team will get back to you as soon as they investigate your case.

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