Carpet cleaning is an integral part of house cleaning work. Carpets are great decorative pieces, however, they also easily attract dust and allergens. At Presto Drycleaners, we provide carpet cleaning services for your home. Our carpet cleaning service in Singapore delivers a superior cleaning method that allows you to be able to use them almost immediately after the deep cleaning process. It is recommended to clean your carpet every 3 to 6 months if you have a pet or regularly use your carpet in your living space.

Home Pick Up Service

With minimum spending of S$50, we provide door to door home pick up and delivery service for your carpets and laundry needs. Opt for this service and say hi to our friendly drivers!

Transparent Pricing

Our standard carpet cleaning price is S$4.30/psf (single sided) or S$5.30/psf(Double sided/stained), with a minimum charge of S$60 per piece. Measure your carpets in the comfort of your own home and you will be able to estimate the total price. Also, you may get instant quotes as our driver picks up the carpets.

Different Size and Type of Carpets

We specialize in cleaning for both fabric and natural exotic animal skins carpet. The maximum size carpet we can clean is 3m in length, based on the shorter side.

How is Carpet Cleaning Done?


Biodegradable carpet cleaning compound that is made out of wood and maize is firstly brushed into the carpets to absorb dirt and stains during the carpet cleaning treatment.


Afterward, a specially designed carpet machine with motorized and counter-rotating brushes is used to open up the carpet fiber to allow a deep cleaning procedure to begin.


Once done, the soiled compound would be thoroughly discarded with a cleaning treatment. A sanitisation process using patented anti-dust mite and germicidal products is being done to eliminate microorganisms that thrive in the carpet.


Lastly, the carpets are hung and left to dry. Once completely dried, the carpet will be packed with care and delivered to your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard turnaround time for carpet to be cleaned and delivered is 3 weeks.

Should the shortest end of your carpet be longer than 2 metres, please inform us as we will require 2 men for the carpet collection.
Should the shortest end of your carpet be longer than 3 metres, we will not be able to accept the cleaning as it is too long to fit in our vehicles.

Yes, we do offer express service at a surcharge of 50%. Turnaround time will then be shorten to 7 working days.

Our charges for carpet cleaning is $4.00/psf (single sided) with a minimum charge of $60 per piece.
Our charges for carpet cleaning is $5/psf (badly stained or smell/ double sided) with a minimum charge of $60 per piece

Steam cleaning is by far that safest and most effective method of carpet cleaning in Singapore. It is known to remove at least 97% of dirt and bacteria from the carpets and is able to reach the deepest layer of the carpeting.

There are benefits to both dry and wet carpet cleaning. While dry cleaning is effective for ensuring the carpeting is ready for foot traffic almost immediately, steam or wet cleaning is capable of reaching the deepest layer of the carpets to ensure optimal results.

It’s a common misconception that powerful cleaners damage or wear out carpets. But, the truth is that, when you hire a carpet cleaning service in Singapore, you can rest assured that it will not wear down your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners in Singapore use high-grade cleaning products and advanced equipment to clean your carpets. Aside from their skills and expertise, these are what sets their service apart from DIY carpet cleaning.

While the cost of DIY and professional carpet cleaning significantly vary, so are the results. When you hire a carpet cleaner in Singapore, the end results will be more thorough than what you can do yourself.

Yes you should! Vacuuming your carpet after professional cleaning can help remove any residue that could have been left after the carpet has dried. It appears as a powdery, flaky substance on the surface.

Bring your carpet to Presto. Book a free home pick up for your carpet today!