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Meet The Team – Surene

In today’s Meet The Team Series, we have Surene. She is one of our many Retail Outlet Auntys at Presto Drycleaners. Working as a full time staff member, she works 5 days a week taking care of the store at Republic Plaza and Takashimaya. She ensures that the store is kept tidy and is in … Continued

4 Ways To Clean Your Curtains

If you’ve read our article on “How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains” on our blog, you should be aware that every household item from bed sheets to carpet has a recommended cleaning schedule. As for curtains, it is recommended to clean them every 3 to 6 months. With the vast variety of curtain types … Continued

Donate Clothes With Presto FAQ

Where to Recycle your pre-loved clothing in Singapore? Look no further, Presto has teamed up with our local social service agency – Cornerstone Community Services to make recycling and donation much more convenient and easy for you! From 1st April 2021 onwards, Presto is accepting pre-loved clothing donations at 5 selected* outlets for your convenience. … Continued

Donate Clothes With Presto

As a local laundry and dry cleaning brand, we not only want to provide our customers with the best service but would also like to hold responsibility for inspiring our employees and customers to give back to society. For many years, people have been placing high importance on sustainability and always look towards supporting a … Continued

5 Easy Steps to Restore Your Yellowed Linens

You probably have discovered old clothes, beddings, curtains, and other linen-type covers during your spring cleaning. If you neglected them for the past year, yellow tinges might have already appeared in your once white and decorative linens. Seeing this, you must have contemplated whether you should still keep them, donate them, or simply throw them … Continued

Meet The Team – Joey

You’ve met most of our older and longest service staff. However, we also have a few younger ones too. Meet Joey, our youngest office staff. She recently joined the Presto Drycleaners team as a HR and Accounting Executive. She is in charge of day to day operations helping different departments come together to work smoothly. … Continued

Your Ultimate Guide to Qun Kua for your Chinese wedding

Chinese is one of the ethnicities that has deep-rooted and long-existing cultures and traditions. When our ancestors came to Singapore, they have brought these practices with them and it has been preserved and passed down to our generations till today. Chinese is one of the ethnicities that has deep-rooted and long-existing cultures and traditions. When … Continued