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Presto Cleans Meiko Tailor

When it comes to bespoke and tailored suits, most Singaporeans would opt to go either to Hong Kong or Thailand to get them done. However with this option, potential doubts may arise such as the quality of the material which can affect the shape or outline of the suit.  In today’s collaboration series, we overcome … Continued

5 things to consider when installing curtains for your home

In Singapore, many of us enjoy the privilege of having a home of our own. Given the hectic and fast-pacing lifestyle we all lead, going back home after work is a time which we all look forward to. Home is our safe haven. A place where we unwind after a long day at work, spend … Continued

5 tips on organising your wardrobe and where to get the ultimate organiser

Organisation Guide: 5 tips on organising your wardrobe and where to get the ultimate organiser Certainly, washing and drying is just one component of proper care for clothes. Good organisation and proper storage of these cleaned clothing from your washing machine or received launderers and dry cleaners are also necessary to maintain their cleanliness, freshness … Continued

The Reality of Vacuum Bags

Plastic Vacuum Bags or better known as Compression Bags has been a very common and popular item to own in every household. As it is inexpensive and can easily be bought in stores such as, Muji, Lazada and Shopee, more and more people are buying these items to help store their winter wear or clothes … Continued

How To Properly Clean Carpet At Home

Living in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, homeowners are cautious of hiring professional cleaning services because of the risks and limitations to visitors. However, it does not mean that you should wait out the crisis to get carpet cleaning from laundry services. While that option can ensure the elimination of dirt and pet dander, … Continued

5 Tips to look out when buying online clothing

In recent days and age, online shopping for clothes has officially become a social norm. We, consumers, now have a plethora of online fashion stores to shop from; Net-a-porter, Shopbop, Zara and the list goes on. Simply with a click or tap on our mobile devices, and a few days of waiting, our items purchased … Continued

History Of Laundry Cleaning And How Far We Have Come

If you have not noticed, you could quickly tell the time setting of a movie according to how the people washed their clothes. When you see that a character is by a river beating a garment over rocks with a laundry beater, it depicts the setting of the movie that could be during primitive times. … Continued

Washing Machine or Laundry Service: What is Best for Your Carpet?

Don’t you find it convenient when you see symbols in your clothing that indicate if they are washing machine safe? It helps you easily identify if you can include these clothing pieces in your weekly laundry or only let the dry cleaners handle them. However, clothing pieces are not the only ones that need cleaning, … Continued

Getting Rid of Common Hari Raya Food Stains

With Hari Raya approaching you’re probably already thinking of all the good food you’re going to devour during your house visits! And just like every other occasion, you’re bound to have spill accidents that’ll leave your clothes with stains that eventually will be permanent if not cleaned properly.  All the different foods would definitely cause … Continued

How Caring for Your Carpets Influence Its Average Lifespan

There are certain items in our homes that we tend to forget to maintain even when they are right under our noses. Taking that term into literal sense, one of those items that most homeowners overlook are their carpets. As a homeowner, you must know that consistent carpet care can improve its overall appearance and … Continued