CNY Spring Cleaning Survival Guide

The celebration of Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer each day. By now, you should have been busy planning your visits due to the restrictions on Chinese new year here in Singapore. However, no matter the regulations! As we all know, a spotless home lowers the chance of us picking up a broom or mop during chinese New year (which is bad luck as we believed it). Fret not since spring cleaning is not that hard as you think it is. As a provider of laundry service in Singapore, let us show you how to keep your house fresh and clean.

How to Survive Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning?

  1. Declutter used items.

    As a new year unfolds, wouldn’t it be nice to start on a clean slate? Throwing out old and used clothes may be one of the options. So, begin by decluttering every corner of your home and discard everything you have not used for the last six months. However, we know that throwing away perfectly functional clothes just because of decluttering might not be in our nature. You may like to find out more about recycling your pre-loved clothes in Singapore here.
  1. Brighten up the walls.

    Now that your home is free from clutter, it is time to brighten the place. Start with a fresh coat of paint and cover your walls with a new colour. It would give your home a new look and better ambience! This is also a great chance to redesign your home for the new year.
  1. Give the floor a good scrub.

    While you are waiting for your carpet to dry, do not forget to clean your floor. Start by either sweeping or vacuuming the floor and mop it afterwards. That way, your aunties and uncles would not be able to see a speck of dust, and they will praise you for a job well done.
  1. Make the windows and mirrors shine.

    Of course, while your floors are clean, you also have to take care of your windows and mirrors. With Singapore experiencing strong winds and heavy rain for the past 2 months, our windows have taken most of the beating and have probably turned out dusty and foggy. To properly clean your windows, use spray vinegar and water solution, followed by crushed newspaper to wipe it off. Once cleaned, hang your drapes that should be fresh from a curtain cleaning, onto your windows.

  2. Wash dirty clothes.

    For you to look fresh with your CNY OOTD, you will want to wash your new batch of clothes you bought just for visiting. Moreover, the outfit you are planning to wear when you exchange mandarin oranges for ang bao with your family on the very first day.

    As a rule of a thumb, separate the lighter and darker colours. It would prevent the colour of clothes from fading. However, if your clothes have to be dry cleaned, better bring it to a dry laundry near you.

Now, who says CNY spring cleaning is stressful?

If you can follow this guide, your home will be ready to welcome your family and closest friends this upcoming Chinese New Year. In any case, you need help cleaning your carpet, call our carpet cleaning services!

Check out our CNY operating hours for 2021 here.

At Presto Drycleaners, rest assured that we would take good care of your carpet, and we would complete your request right before the CNY comes. So, if you need a hand with your spring cleaning, let us know, and we will do everything to help you.

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