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Curtain cleaning is an essential part of house cleaning chores. We tend to overlook the importance of clean and fresh curtains in our homes. Curtains protect us from the sun and it should be washed regularly to reduce the accumulation of dust and allergens from the outside. At Presto, we provide curtain cleaning services for your home. Make curtain cleaning part of your cleaning routine to help your home stay clean and refreshed.


What’s Included in The Service?

Dismantling and Installation

For a minimum spend of S$150*, we provide a free dismantling and installation service for your curtain needs. Our drivers are well trained to dismantle and install your curtains. Opt for this option to say hi to our friendly drivers!

Transparent Pricing

We charge a standard of S$12/kg* for day, night and blackout curtains. Your curtains will be weighed in your presence and invoice is presented on the same day. With a simple pricing structure, you will not have to worry about the cleaning bill. *Roman Blinds and Organza are charged differently.

Express Service

We provide express service for curtain cleaning as we understand that you may only have 1 set of curtains at home. This service is applicable for all curtains except blackout curtains.

How are your curtains cleaned?


At Presto, home pick- up and delivery service as well as a counter drop off service is available. Our designated driver or counter staff lady would first check the condition of your curtains to help identify any defects or stains.


Once checked, our staff would pack them carefully into separate transparent bags based on the different curtain types.


After packing, the staff would weigh the different bags and sum up the total weight to redeem the invoice amount.


Lastly, after keying in the respective curtains into the POS system, a receipt would be given. Payment can easily be done via our available payment methods which include, PayNow, Credit Card & Cash.

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Presto provides free dismantling & installation service for your curtains with $150 minimum spend. Contact us and arrange for a pick up for your curtains!