Donate Clothes With Presto FAQ

Where to Recycle your pre-loved clothing in Singapore? Look no further, Presto has teamed up with our local social service agency – Cornerstone Community Services to make recycling and donation much more convenient and easy for you!

From 1st April 2021 onwards, Presto is accepting pre-loved clothing donations at 5 selected* outlets for your convenience. Read below for the FAQ for our donation drive, or simply call us or whatsapp us to learn more about this initiative. 

  1. Where can I donate my clothes?
  2. Who is the beneficiary of my donated clothes?
    • That would be The Barn. Get to know more about their donation efforts on their website
  3. When would be a good time for me to donate my clothes at the selected outlets?
    • Donation is open for collection during our outlet’s operating hours! You may find all our outlet operating hours here.
  4. What type of clothes are accepted for donation?
    • As we run this donation programme for The Barn, the items needed for donation are very specific due to the varying needs and demands of the local communities they serve. You can find our “Monthly Donation List” on our website or through our IG. This list will be updated on a monthly/quarterly basis. 
  5. What if the items which I wish to donate are not listed in the “Monthly Donation List”?
    • All items will be vetted by our front service staff. If any case there are items which are not part of the “Monthly Donation List”, we apologize as these items will be rejected and returned back to you. 
  6. What items cannot be accepted?
    • Items that are damaged, old condition and run-down and not part of the monthly list will be rejected and returned back to you. (E.g. Holes, Discolouration, Stretched and etc.)
  7. Where are my donated clothes going?
  8. Can Presto Drycleaners dispose of my rejected items?
    • All rejected items will be returned back to you. Presto Drycleaners will not be held responsible for any rejected items. 
  9. Will the donated items be available for free or for sale?
    • Over the years, based on the Barns experience working with the underprivileged communities, they have found that selling donated items for a small token sum is much more effective than simply giving them away. For example, at Barn@Penjuru, most items sell at $2 and below. If you are interested to read more, you may visit their website
  10. What do the sale proceeds go to?
    • The sale proceeds will go back to The Barn and will be used to support the operating expenses and welfare programs in Cornerstone Community Services to serve the local community. 
  11. What if I only have 1 item to donate?
    • You can donate any amount of items. Every piece of clothing counts! 
  12. Can I drop-off donated items and my drycleaning items at the same time?
    • Yes, definitely. However, we strongly advise that you separate the two into two different bags to prevent confusions between your laundry and donation items. 

We hope this FAQ article has helped with answering all your questions about our donation drive! Happy Donating and we hope to see you at our stores!