Fabric Knowledge Series: 5 things you should know about Linen

Linen is often regarded as luxurious, lightweight fabric characterized by its breathability, durability, and strength. Linen is suitable for tropical climates due to the characteristics of its material. Linen is very absorbent and dries quickly so linen garments are comfortable and cool to wear especially here in Singapore! Today, linen is widely used in many household furnishing products, fashion apparels, and industrial products. Its natural texture and gradients create many beautiful pieces of clothes.

  1. What is linen?

Linen is a natural fiber made from cellulose fibers derived from the stems of the flax plant. It is considered to be the oldest of fabric and it’s usage dates back to 4500 B.C. The flax plant is cultivated for its fibers to produce linen yarns and fabric, and for its nutritious seeds, called flaxseed or linseed, from which linseed oil is obtained. The plants are being pulled by hand from the ground. The seeds are then removed through a process called winnowing or ripping, followed by retting which removes the plant stock from the fibers. Once the fibers are separated they are then spun into yarn and eventually woven into fabric.

  1. Linen is hypoallergenic

Linen is virtually lint free, non-static, non-allergenic, naturally insect-repellent and gives UV protection. Linen does not cause allergic reactions and is helpful in treating a number of allergic disorders. It’s high breathability allows air to move around freely and thus releasing moisture quickly. This material is suitable for newborns and toddlers with hypersensitivity or eczema skin condition. 

  1. Durability and absorbent

Linen is long lasting and is more than two times more durable than regular cotton. Due to its natural elasticity, linen retains its shape and becomes softer and more comfortable the more it is used and washed. Many times, linens can be blended with other synthetic or natural fiber to improve or enhance its appearance. Furthermore, it is stronger than cotton, which also helps to prolong its life span. It is easy to dye and is colourfast for a long time. Additionally, it can be sun bleached for a lighter colour instead of using artificial agents. Linen can hold up to 20 times its weight in moisture before the fabric feels wet, allowing for an uninterrupted, clean and cool sleep.

  1. Resistant to Static and Pilling

Linen is abrasion resistant and thus they do not piled easily. Pills are little round balls of entangled fibers that appear on the surface of your clothes. They are formed when the fabric rubs against itself or another material resulting in small tangles of fiber on the surface of your fabric. Pilling can be easily removed using a fabric shaver. 

  1. Wrinkles easily

A shortfall of linen would be its natural ability to wrinkle easily. As such many times, linen outfits sold by brands are treated with sizings or finishes to add body and reduce wrinkling. Over time and usage, treated linen fabric will become wrinkled and limped due to the loss of finishing with washing and wear. Furthermore, a loss of finish usually causes a lightening of colour of the linen fabric. It is best not to fold linen clothing for storage, instead hang it so that creases do not form permanently on your garments. 

That’s all we have about linen. We hope this will help you understand more about the linen fabric and you are able to take care of those linen shirts and pants you have bought for your summer holidays. 

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