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How long does it take to clean my laundry?

Our Standard Service requires 4 working days.

The day that you drop of your laundry is Day 0. Our working days are Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.

Example 1: Dropped off laundry on Monday
Your laundry will be ready for collection on Friday, after 5pm.

Example 2: Dropped off laundry on Thursday
Your laundry will be ready for collection on the following week’s Tuesday, after 5pm.

I need my laundry urgently. Do you have an express service?

Yes we do. Presto is able to provide faster turnaround with an express surcharge:

• Express Service: 2 working days (All Outlets)
• Next Day Express Service: 1 working day (Toa Payoh, Paragon & Takashimaya Outlet only)
• Same Day Service: Drop off before 12 pm, collection after 5pm (Toa Payoh Outlet only)

Surcharges applicable:
• Express/Next Day Express: + 50% of total invoice amount
• Same day: + 100% of total invoice amount

After dropping off my laundry at a Presto’s retail outlet, is it possible to have it delivered back to my home?

Yes, Presto offers complimentary home delivery service with a minimum order of S$100 spent at our outlets.

Home Delivery service is only available at the counter during the depositing of items. Please let our counter staff know that you are opting for this service and provide your full delivery address and contact number.

Kindly allow up to 3 working days from the ready date indicated on the invoice for the expected delivery.

I did not hit the minimum order of S$100. Is it possible for me to top up the remaining amount in order to use the Home Delivery Service?

No, it is not possible. We will only offer Home Delivery if your laundry order is minimally S$100. We apologise and seek your understanding.

Can I specify the timing for the Home Delivery Service?

Please note that our complimentary home delivery service is an anytime (8am – 5pm) delivery. Should you have a preferred timing e.g. Morning / Night, please let our counter staff know.

How can I request for a Home Pick Up?

Home Pick Up refers to our drivers picking up the laundry directly from your house and delivering it back. Please take note that our Express Service is not applicable for Home Collection.

Book via Whatsapp, call 63543277 or email us! Our Home Pick Up hours are Mondays to Saturdays, 8am to 6pm.

Presto also provides free home collection & delivery when you meet the minimum spending of S$50 for laundry or S$150 for curtains(inclusive of dismantling & installation). Find out more about Curtain Cleaning.

Please provide the following for your appointment booking:

• Name
• Contact Number
• Collection Address
• Whether it is Curtain or Laundry Pick Up


I live in the CBD, are there any surcharges for pick up?

Please take note that a S$30 surcharge is applicable for collections in CBD (Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar) & Sentosa.

I need some basic alteration service, does Presto provide alteration service?

Yes, we do provide basic alteration services such as hemming, shortening, mending, replacement of zippers and buttons. Our alteration service is available at our outlets and Home Pick Up.

In the case of Home Pick Up, please let our driver know your alteration request and he will provide you with a rough quotation. If the alterations you wish to request are complicated, we advise you to bring your garment to any of our outlets instead such that our staff can advise and measure accordingly.

Do take note that our on-site alteration services are only available at selected outlets. In the case where the alteration is too intricate, our staff will recommend you to visit either our outlets with an on-site tailor.

There, our tailors will be able to measure and alter exactly per your request.

I require both laundry and alteration services. Is it possible to do them both together?

Yes! Our laundry service only requires 4 working days for processing while alteration requires 7 working days.

Should you require both services, the processing time for your item will be 7 working days.

I may have left my belongings in my garment and my garment is already at your processing factory. What can I do?

Please call our Head office at 6354 3277 or send us a Whatsapp during our operation hours to reach our Lost and Found Department.

We will try our best to locate your belongings and will return it back to our outlet for your collection if found.

Garment Care

I have some oil and food stains on my favourite blouse, can Presto guarantee the removal of stains?

We take pride in providing the highest quality garment cleaning for our customers. We do our utmost best to remove all stains, however we are unable to guarantee the removal of stains due to their varying degree of stubbornness. We recommend for stains to be treated fresh and brought to our outlets for our staff’s review.

What is dry cleaning?

In spite of the name, dry cleaning is not completely dry. Liquids are used during the dry cleaning process. Dry cleaning, or washing in non-aqueous fluid or solvent, is the most effective known process for cleaning the broadest spectrum of natural and man-made fabrics.

Dry cleaning is essentially a three-step operation. Firstly, a solvent is used to dissolve and disperse the soils on the fabric. Secondly, the solvent and soils are removed from the fabric and lastly, the soils are separated from the solvent and the solvent is recycled again.

Will dry cleaning cause dye transfer?

If the dye used to create the darker-colored fabric, yarn or design print is soluble in the dry cleaning solvent, there is a good chance that during dry cleaning this solvent soluble dye will bleed and stain other areas of the article.

Since most colors on fabrics and yarns are labeled as dry cleanable are colorfast to dry cleaning, hence, there is no way for us to prevent this type of dye bleeding from occurring in dry cleaning.

Will shrinkage occur after cleaning?

While many garments are created with fabrics that are pre-shrunk by the fabric producer, shrinkage is still possible. In the case where
your garment shrinks severely after its first wash, it is likely due to a manufacturer’s defect.

Why do holes appear in silk garments?

Holes and yarn slippages can appear on silk garment due to many unknown circumstances. In many cases, this damage is caused by
local contact with a liquid that contains chloride salts which deteriorate silk.

Chloride salts are commonly found in perspiration, deodorants and even various foods, beverages, skin lotions, medicines, as well as
table salt and salt water.

Although silk is weak and degraded, it may not tear until tension or stress is applied onto the fabric in later use or during the mechanical action of cleaning.

Why do dark stains appear on garments?

Sometimes a brown, rust-like or similar dark coloured stains mysteriously appear on a garment after a period of time in home storage or during later cleaning. These stains typically develop from the residue of protein based stains and oxidation. The heat from drying or finishing after cleaning can further accelerate the appearance of such stains.

Leather Care

What should I know about garments with leather trim?

It is our practice to take the care label into consideration before processing a garment containing leather trim. The construction of the garment may limit its cleanability due to the different types of materials present. Problems that may occur in any method of cleaning include:

• Bleeding of the colored, leather trim during cleaning, resulting in self-staining of the lighter-colored materials.
• Drastic loss of color and/or change in texture.
• Noticeable color differences between the leather and cloth portions of the same garment that were originally the same color before cleaning.
• Stiffening, cracking, or peeling of the leather trim.
• Disappearing, transferring, or redepositing of the surface design.
• Varying degrees of shrinkage between the leather and cloth portions.
• Cracking, shrinking, or stiffening of the vinyl trim due to a loss of plasticizer in drycleaning.
• Softening of the adhesives used to attach leather and leather like-trim, resulting in a removal of the trim.

If the dyes are semi-soluble in the solvent, a color loss can occur. We understand that color loss, at any degree, is unfavourable but unfortunately, it is beyond our control. Keep in mind that adjoining areas may be damaged if a fugitive dye is created during testing. Do take note that the garment should be cleaned alone or with similarly colored items.

Some trims may look like leather but are in fact, synthetic. Synthetic trimmings are often made of vinyl, which may contain a plasticizer that is not resistant to solvents, resulting in stiffening, cracking, or shrinking of the trim after dry cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning

What are the things I should take note if I am cleaning my curtains for the first time?

For your first wash, please take note that there is a possibility of a 3 -5 % shrinkage of your curtains. Even though the percentage of shrinkage is small, due to the length of your curtains, the shrinkage may be evident.

Additionally, if you have not wash your curtains for a long time e.g. more than 1-2 years, due to the curtain’s regular exposure to
sunlight, dust, soot and other dirt, the fabric may have weakened over time and tear due to the mechanical action of the cleaning

Why do watermarks & yellow streaks appear on curtains?

After a period of time, curtains will inevitably accumulate a large amount of soot, smoke, and other atmospheric impurities. Many
curtain fabrics also contain original sizings or finishes that are used to give a drape to the fabric. Thus, any contact with moisture can disturb these impurities or sizings, causing objectionable rings or streaks.