Fashion Tips For This National Day!

It’s about to be Singapore’s 56th birthday! And of course as your local drycleaning company, we have the best fashion tips for you. Taking into consideration fabric types that are suitable for our climate and also listing items that are from our local brands!

Only a true blue Singaporean would know how Singapore’s year-round sunny weather always calls for the simplest of outfits for every occasion. However, since it’s National Day, let’s dress for this occasion with a simple yet functional fit that is suitable for our humid weather. With that, let’s familiarise ourselves with the different fabric types!

For sure, we are able to let you know that the top 3 most used fabric types in Singapore are cotton, linen and technical fabrics. 


As we are all familiar with, cotton is one of the best materials for hot weather. Its natural fibre is lightweight and breathable and can be easily found in many known local brands in Singapore. One shop we recommend buying your cotton National Day Outfit from is The Editor’s Market! 

Items such as their Alyah Tent Dress, Noemy Folded-Hem Pants or Elaine One-Shoulder Top that are 100% cotton comes in colours that are accommodating to the festive period that makes it all the better. 


Linen on the other hand, is a strong and lightweight fabric that is soft and cool to the touch. Another known natural fibre, that is considered elegant, durable and very easily available in Singapore. 

Beyond The Vines sells minimalistic versatile pieces that can be used during the National Day Weekend or even on other important occasions. Easily style this Overlap Linen Trouser (100% linen) with a red square neck top to give it a professional laid back look. Or style this Wide Neck Linen Top, exactly to how the team has styled the model.  Comfortable & modest! 

Technical Fabrics 

If you’re wondering what a technical fabric is, well these fabrics are engineered to meet specific needs and requirements. One example of a technical fabric is sports wear. They are engineered to be stretchable while being able to withstand excessive physical exertion. 

And these technical fabrics, sportswear to be specific, are great to be worn in weather conditions like, Singapore. They are sweat absorbent and most importantly, do not leave a sweat patch mark. Some items like the Flynn Fitted Cropped Bra Top from Love, Bonito &REA collection, can be paired with a maroon skirt or shorts to set the National Day spirit! 

Otherwise, if you’re at your neighbourhood mall and nearby a Uniqlo outlet, you can check out their AIRism collection that sells sportswear that is breathable and comfortable. 

With that, you’ve gotten the best tips from your local dry cleaners to look the best and feel the freshest during National Day! We hope you enjoyed getting to know these material types and local brands too. If you have any questions on our dry cleaning services, do visit our website or contact us via WhatsApp.