Getting Rid of Common Hari Raya Food Stains

With Hari Raya approaching you’re probably already thinking of all the good food you’re going to devour during your house visits! And just like every other occasion, you’re bound to have spill accidents that’ll leave your clothes with stains that eventually will be permanent if not cleaned properly. 

All the different foods would definitely cause different types of stains that will require specific cleaning techniques and solutions to help remove it completely. Don’t panic now, as your local dry cleaners, we want to give you the simplest and most effective solutions for your spill accidents. Below, we’ve broken these stains into 4 most common dishes you’ll find in every household you visit!

Sambal Stains

Sambal stains can be the hardest kinds of stains to remove as they leave both an oil residue and colour stain due to the chilli used. These stains are usually ones that are tough to get rid of. However, using just a spoon, hot water and detergent can save the garment from being permanently damaged. 

The first step you are required to do if sambal has spilled onto your outfit, is to use a spoon to gently scrape off the chilli residue. Doing this will prevent the sambal from sinking further into the cloth. Once done, you can squeeze a good amount of fabric soap on the stain and let it sit for 3-4 mins. After so, use a gentle brush and brush in circles to remove the stain. This will eventually help remove both the oil and coloured stain which leaves you to wash the entire garment as per normal. 

Curry Stain 

The most important rule when removing curry stains from any type of fabric is to lift away any of the curry solids instead of rubbing or wiping it off. Doing the two will definitely spread the stain, making it harder to remove. Hence, take the edge of a blunt knife or a spoon and scrape off the solids of the curry. 

Once you’ve lifted the solids of the curry, mix a solution of oxygen-based bleach with warm water and submerge the stain into the mixture overnight. Doing this should remove the stain and leave you with a clean garment. However, in any case the stain remains, repeat the soaking process with a new solution and then complete the cleaning process with a wash as per usual. 

Chicken Rendang 

Chicken Rendang is a dish that is filled with distinct flavours that blend together extremely well. However, once it gets onto your white baju kurung or kebaya it’s definitely a tough stain to remove if not cleaned using proper cleaning methods.

To effectively clean the stain, take some glycerine which can be found at stores such as Watsons, and dab some of the product onto the stain. Leave the product on the stain for about an hour which will help to loosen the stain from the fabric. After that time has passed, take a clean cloth or paper towel to lift off the stain and excess glycerine. Rinse with and proceed to wash as per normal with a colour safe bleach.

Nutella Horseshoe Roll Cake (Tapak Kuda)

A favourite and must have in every household during this festive period, the Nutella horseshoe roll cake also traditionally known as Tapak Kuda is a sponge cake filled with an overwhelming layer of Nutella or any kind of chocolate filling that is most often enjoyed when warm. 

Out of excitement, you’re definitely bound to eat that warm goodness in a hurry that will result in a spill. Well, if that ever happens the first step you’d need to take is to scoop off the excess chocolate without spreading it. Afterwards, use cold water to rinse the excess chocolate. Use a heavy-duty liquid detergent and rub onto the stain allowing it to sit for 5 mins. After that, soak the clothing in cold water for 15 minutes making sure to rub the stained area to loosen it. Once all the stain is removed, you can wash the item as per usual. 

And there you have it, easy and simple ways to remove common stains from your Raya spill accidents! However if your Raya clothes fall under the delicate side and require professional cleaning, you can always drop off your garments at any of our 14 outlets island wide. We’d be more than happy to assist you in your stain removal and cleaning worries!