Ho-Ho-How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Once again, we are getting closer and closer to the holidays. It is another joyous time with our family and close friends. But as the season glow approaches, is your home ready? Are your cabinets nicely cleaned and organised? Are your carpets clean and fresh?

We all know getting our house back in shape can be a daunting task of the year for many of us. Keeping it clean throughout the holiday season can be a struggle, too. But as a laundry service provider in Singapore, we are sharing a list of tips on ho-ho-how to prepare your home for the holidays. Take note of these below.

Ho-Ho-How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays?

1. Keep your Entryway clean

Your entryway is the very first thing your guest will encounter when they arrive at your place. As soon as they come through your front door, that clean slate will create an inviting atmosphere. Keeping it clean guarantees a good impression from your guests.

2. Clean the Kitchen

Guests tend to gather around where delicious dishes are. Having a clean kitchen will not only allow your guest to feel comfortable but you as the home chef will feel efficient in your own kitchen. Starting with your stove and oven will be the best since these greasy appliances might not be cleaned for the whole year! After scrubbing the interior of your oven with a soapy cloth, remember to keep the door open. It will vent the moist and air out to prevent any musky smell.

3. Get the Refrigerator Ready

Ever wondered where the nasty smell of your fridge is coming from? A good practice to ensure proper hygiene of the food you store in the refrigerator is to have a proper wipedown once every 3 – 4 months. This is to clean up any build up of mould and expired food in your refrigerator. The rag that is used to clean the refrigerator would usually end up smelling terrible especially if you are only doing this once a month, throw them into the pile of fabrics that require washing and send it to us for a good cleaning.

4. Sharpen Those Knives

Tuning your knives allows you to prepare your holiday treats without trouble. A little known fact, having a sharp knife is safer to work with as compared to a blunt knife. It means you can efficiently chop tough meats like raw poultry or any raw meat. This way you would prevent any unnecessary harm when cooking up that perfect meal for your closed ones.

Reminders image a clean home is a merry home

5. Keep the Windows Clean

Cleaning your windows, allows your curtain to stand out looking fresh and pristine. You will be able to retract the curtains and let natural light flow into your home. Doing this will also make your home look spacious and bright.

6. Declutter the Closet

The end of the year is approaching. So, decluttering your closet will help you keep the clothes you still want to wear for next year. Once you have the clothes sorted out, send them for dry cleaning services in Singapore so it will be fresh and clean when you need it.

7. Vacuum the Carpet Floor

Vacuuming your carpet would help to reduce the dust build up since the start of the year. However, if your carpet has not been well maintained or if you have a pet at home, your home carpet might need deep cleaning services. It will take away all of those foul odours and even removes stains left on your carpet.

At Presto Drycleaners, we offer laundry cleaning services in Singapore for curtains, carpets, clothes, etc. We guarantee a quick turnaround time so you will get your request right before the holidays. So, do you struggle to keep them cleaned? Let us help you. Just dial +65 6354 3277, and we will be on our way to get your laundry.

We hope you find this article helpful. Let us know if you have more tips on how to keep your home clean throughout the holidays. Write your thoughts on the comment section below.