Laundry Basics: 7 Items You Should Never Wash in the Machine

What Items Should You Never Wash in the Machine?

1. Swimwear

Swimsuits, board shorts, rash guards, washing these kinds of clothing inside the washer are not suitable at all. Not only is it the gentlest option. But it can cause these clothes to wear down, causing them to have holes or snags. If you want to wear your swimwear all year round, be sure to hand wash them instead.

2. Embellished Clothes

Wool, cashmere, sweaters, shirts with sequins are too delicate and no match for the abrasive motions of the washing machine. What a laundry service provider in Singapore usually does is hand washing those clothes gently. Thus, its delicate detail would not run or worn.

3. Tailored Suits and Neckties

Most of these attires have laundry tags, whereas it indicates the procedure of how to wash them. In case yours does not have one, you should take note that these attires are only suitable for hand washing or dry cleaning. Nothing than these two can damage its fabric.

4. Leather Clothes and Sneakers

Your fabric sneakers might do well in the washing machine. But, leather clothes, do not. More so, for synthetic leather. When it happens, excessive moisture and heat coming from the washing machine can cause the leather to peel.

5. Clothes Covered with Pet Hair

No matter how much you love your pets, its hair will only clump in the drum, making your washing machine less efficient to wash. Thus, before throwing off your clothes, use a lint roller to get rid of the fur.

6. Memory Foam Pillows and Pads

Some washing machines can wash these items. But it can weaken its foam, making it shredded to pieces. To not let this happen, hand washing it would be your safer option. So, you clean it as gently as possible.

7. Garments with Flammable Stains

It would be a good idea to keep those garments with flammable stains away from your washing machine. You see, tossing them off the washer could potentially start a fire. Of course, to not let such a thing happen, soak them first into a bin of water. Once all flammable substances are gone, you may throw them off the machine.

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