5 Basic Knowledge about Laundry

New to doing laundry? Or simply have no idea what the different settings on your washing machine mean? Whether you’re a newbie at laundry or you do laundry regularly, we have you covered. Presto Drycleaners is a locally owned laundry and dry cleaning company with more than 20 years of laundry service experience in Singapore and we would like to share our 5 basic knowledge you need to know about laundry.

1: Sorting, sorting, sorting  

Before any washing, doing your laundry begins with sorting your clothes. If you’re doing a huge load, we’d recommend you to sort your dirty laundry actively using a laundry basket with compartments. Read our other article on Laundry Tips: 4 tips to do laundry better why you should sort your garments. 

Different fabrics have to usually be washed differently and require different washing cycles. Furthermore, there are some fabric pieces such as your work jacket, silk dress or wool sweater which cannot be laundered. If you have them laundered, the texture may changed and shrinkage may occur. Dry cleaning would be required for such materials to increase the longevity of your garments. You can always drop your clothes at any Presto Drycleaners outlet near you!

2: Spotting and pre-treatment 

When you notice a stain on your shirt, it is always better that you treat it as promptly as you can and prior to washing your clothes. Trust us, this’ll make the washing process a whole lot easier as you wouldn’t have to wash your clothes a few times in hopes of removing the stain. Plus, treating your stains promptly will help to increase the effectiveness of your stain removal efforts.

To pre-treat the stained area, simply use a suitable stain remover or some detergent over the stain and slowly rub it in. Wash it with plenty of cold water to get rid of any remaining detergent, if you’re unsure of what detergent to use, be sure to read the next point!

3: Use the Appropriate Detergents and Fabric Softeners

When it comes to detergents,there are largely two different types – liquid and powdered detergents.Though both detergent types can aid in the removal of stain, certain detergents work better with certain stains. If you’ve got a stain that is on the greasier and the oilier side of life, a liquid detergent would be more suitable for removing the stain. For stains which are dry or from dirt like the mud or soil, powdered detergent would be more useful. 

What about fabric softeners? As its name suggests, it helps keep your clothes soft. If your clothes feel crisp or dry after washing, adding in some fabric softener when washing your clothes the next time round may help! 

For both detergent and fabric softeners, it’s recommended to add in the amount as listed on the packaging. Also, do not add excessive amounts of detergent, as these solvents tend to have a tendency to cling on your garments, leaving a soapy buildup on the surface of your clothes after washing. More is not better. 

4: Use the right wash settings


After adding the detergent and fabric softener to the washing machine, the actual washing process begins. But before you press on the start washing button, it’s important to know what the different settings on your machine mean.

The regular cycle would be suitable for all common fabric materials like cotton, polyester. If you’re in a rush and you really have to wash different fabrics all together, opting for the normal cycle would be the safest bet. Gentle or slower cycles are suitable for delicate fabrics. Heavy duty is often used for garments that are extremely dirty or for thicker or more durable fabrics like jeans.

Other than your washing cycle, you also need to consider the temperature of the water. Cold water is able to clean most clothes whilst still remaining gentle. While it’s best to use warm water for clothes with a greater amount of sweat and build up. After choosing your settings, give your washing machine some time to work its magic!

5: Drying 


After unloading your laundry from the washer, it’s time to get your laundry all dry. The best way to go about doing that is air-drying your laundry. It’s generally less damaging to your garments and keeps them looking as good as new for longer.

Drying process is a fine balance between heat and time. If you have to dry your clothes in the dryer, bear in mind the different temperature settings for the various fabric types.  

The best drying process combines the usage of the dryer and air drying your items. For e.g. sweater or woven materials, it’s best to dry them, lay flat instead of completely with the dryer. 

Understanding these 5 basic laundry knowledge, you’d be a laundry pro in no time. If you’re just not a fan of doing your laundry, don’t you worry, Presto Drycleaners provides laundry pick up services and you can trust us with your seasonal needs. Book a pick up on our website or call our friendly staff at 6354 3277 if you have any enquiries!

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