Meet The Team – Ah Weng

Often we receive compliments from our customers regarding our service and quality of garment care. However, one of the most honourable compliments we’ve ever received was, “We’ve been using Presto Drycleaners for more than 10 years now”. With that, we have the people behind Presto Drycleaners to thank for maintaining quality service and garment care for our customers.

Hence, we’ve decided to create a new series called “Meet The Team” to slowly introduce the people behind all the great work to our online readers!

First up in our Meet The Team series is, Ah Weng. He is the Head of our Operations department here at our headquarters. Before joining Presto Drycleaners, Ah Weng, originally from Malaysia, worked as a chef at first and eventually began to pursue his career as a laundry worker in the United States. Ever since he left the U.S. he travels back and forth daily from Malaysia to Singapore for work. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, Ah Weng hasn’t gone home for over 9 months. In this interview, Ah Weng shares with us about his personal and work life.

  1. What do you usually do during your free time or off days?

    Normally, I would go back to Malaysia after a working day and spend time with my family and kids. However, ever since the lockdown, I am required to stay in Singapore. With that, now, I usually stay in to watch movies and rest to prepare for another week of working or head out drinking with my friends.
  1. We are aware that you have been working here with Presto Drycleaners for over 10 years, we would like to know if anything has changed in your work routine when compared to the past?

    Previously, we had lesser machines which required us to do many rounds of the same thing. On top of that, the waiting time to clean each load of laundry was much longer. Thankfully now, in 2021, Presto Drycleaners has invested in more machines that allows us to multiply our productivity. With these machines that have advanced in technology, drying time takes 2 times faster than normal which means things can be done at a faster rate!
  1. What are certain challenges you face when working here at Presto Drycleaners?

    Regardless of the amount of experience I have working as a laundry worker, stains are one of my biggest challenges. Most stains are easily removable using a stain spot remover tool that uses solvent to break down the particles of the stain.

    However, this does not apply to all stains as some of them require a lot of tries before completely removing it. In some cases, often with stains that have been left for a period of time, when removed, it would cause some discoloration that would upset the customers. Hence stains can be very finicky and challenging.
  1. Once the world is Covid-19 free, what is the first thing you’d do?

    This first thing I’d do is to ride back home to Malaysia to be with my family. I miss my wife, kids and parents. During this 9 month period of having to stay in Singapore, I missed out on a few important milestones when it came to my kids. For example, my youngest and first daughter just recently took her first steps and due to Covid-19, I haven’t been able to witness her growth besides through video calls. I can’t wait to be able to be back in my home country with my family.

    Ah Weng is a passionate and motivated man that works hard for himself and the Presto customers. We hope you enjoyed getting to know him. Do drop some love for him on our Instagram page. At Presto Drycleaners, we offer laundry and dry cleaning services to make sure your garments and linens are clean and free of anything that may cause yellowing of your clothes during storage – sweat, excess bleach, milk, etc.