Meet The Team – Mdm Tang

Last on our Meet The Team series is, Aunty Tang. At 81 years old, she is our eldest ironer here in our operations team. Been with us since 1996, she has been a loyal worker of Presto Drcyleaners for over 2 decades. Although her job may sound simple, ironing requires specific techniques and skills to ensure that all clothes that leave her ironing board are creaseless and crisp. With her experience in ironing all kinds of material and garment types, she holds a great amount of knowledge that holds prestige in this company.

However, with age catching up, she does experience some difficulties that come along with this job. Let’s hear her secrets behind overcoming these challenges in this interview.

  1. With old age catching up, what are some hardships you face that come with your line of work?

    As an ironer, I am required to stand during most of my working hours which adds up to almost, 8 hours a day. During my younger days, it wasn’t really much of a problem but as I get older I’m starting to get aches and pains in my legs and arms as I apply most pressure there when doing my job. Nevertheless, I have a great group of friends that helps me remain optimistic. With our catch ups during break time, they make my working day a lot more enjoyable.
  1. What do you do to maintain the strength of being able to stand for almost 8 hours a day?

    During the pre-covid days, I used to go to the gym to do arms and legs workouts to ensure that my body is constantly moving and on the go. But, since covid, they’ve shortened operating hours at the gym and it’s been hard to go over with my working schedule hence, standing at work and walking around the factory each day substitutes the time I spend at the gym. Apart from being physically strong, I also often play mahjong with my grandkids to keep my mind active. I believe that being physically and mentally active gives you the opportunity to grow and develop to become stronger.
  1. We’re aware that you have been a professional ironer for most of your career. What made you decide you wanted to carry this out professionally?

    Being born the eldest daughter in my family, I was given the role of taking care of my younger siblings. With that, I didn’t have the opportunity to go to school and further my education. After that responsibility was over, I got married and was a housewife for a period of time taking care of my own children and husband. But when my children grew up and had their own families, I became bored of staying home alone. Hence, I took my first job as a general worker in a garment factory. After years there, I eventually moved and found my first ironing job at a Japanese laundry company located at Thomson Road. Soon, I found myself working at Presto Drycleaners till today. At first, it was just a job, but I slowly grew to enjoy it and till this day, I appreciate the skills that I have learned and developed from this job and have been passing down my knowledge to my children.
  1. Being in the company for over 2 decades, how has the company evolved and how has it benefited you.

    Previously, the company was run by the first generation owner, Mr and Mrs Chan. They are very hands-on and left most of the administrative work to a manager in the office. Along the years, the second generation owner, Weitian, son of Mr and Mrs Chan came in and took initiative into applying for government grants on the behalf of the company to better benefit the company and staff working here. Now with the grants, it has helped a few of us in our workload and financially. All in all, the company has evolved into being more efficient and helpful towards their staff.

Although Aunty Tang has years of experience in her job, she still continues to give her utmost effort at making sure that all clothes that are sent by our customers are perfectly ironed before being sent out to the respective outlets. 

Over here at Presto Drycleaners, we take pride in caring for our mature workforce. We are appreciative of their hard work and we want to help them in the many ways we are able to. We are thankful for all the government support from various agencies such as, Workfare Singapore, E2I and Enterprise Singapore for supporting our elderly workers and helping to keep them active through employment. We hope this has inspired other companies to further aid their elderly staff in their daily affairs.

If you’re looking for employment during your retirement years, feel free to reach out to our HR Team via our telephone line – 63543277 or email us at to join our team! We are looking for passionate, responsible and diligent workers regardless of age to join our various departments e.g. Counter Staff, General Worker or Tailor.