Meet The Team – Osman

Second on our Meet The Team series is, Osman. He is the longest serving Outlet Driver at Presto Drycleaners. Among our 13 retail outlets located inslandwide, Osman picks up from 5 of these outlets from as early as 7am and sends it to our headquarters at Toa Payoh and vice versa. He does this 3 times a day to ensure that all garments sent in by customers are able to be cleaned and packed within the promised time frame. On top of picking up from his designated outlets, he also delivers clean garments to a handful of customers that are in his route. His position in the company requires constant energy and we are extremely appreciative of him.

Being here for over 20 years, he has won the hearts of many customers with his beaming personality and his passion for being meticulous in his service. On top of that, he feels grateful to have a great company to work with over these years. Get to know more about the motivation behind his bright smiles in our interview with him below.

  1. I was told that you’ve been a delivery driver for almost all your working life. What is it that makes you enjoy working as a delivery driver?

    I enjoy working as a delivery driver as the job requires me to work alone most of the time. Personally, working with someone closely stresses me as I feel I would be constantly troubling the person if I ever had to take a break to the loo etc. Hence, working as a driver allows me to work freely and independently.
  1. What do you do to refrain yourself from getting bored on the road?

    As I am a firm believer in always keeping my mind active, I would usually listen to lectures through my handphone or sometimes the radio. This would allow me to constantly increase my knowledge. One of my favourite types of lectures are, Islamic lectures. Listening to these types of lectures allows me to better understand my religion and at the same time, pass down beneficial knowledge to my kids.

    Apart from that, I enjoy listening to Islamic poems that I can sing along with. This refrains me from getting bored and sleepy while on the road.
  1. Being a part of the Presto Drycleaners family for 20 years, what makes you happy working here?

    My customers! My customers are the reason behind my beaming smile. Although I am the designated outlet driver, often I do home delivery to customers that are within my usual route to the different stores. It is often known as rare to have customers that truly appreciate your service.

    Working for Presto Drycleaners for over 20 years, I have a handful of customers that are extremely welcoming. Most of my regular customers would thank my service through their smiles and thank yous’ while a few of them would thank me with gifts. More so, they are always understanding towards any issue that occurs. Whether it be a defect in their clothing or a change in their delivery timing due to the weather etc. Truly, the littlest things make a big difference in my working experience.
  1. What do you usually do on your off days?

    As I work most of the week, I like to spend my off day with my family and my 3 grandchildren. All my 4 kids are front of line service staff and are required to work hard with just a few off days too. This makes it hard to spend time with them. Hence, I would usually save my off days to catch up with my kids and grandchildren to ensure they are mentally and physically alright. Apart from that, with old age catching up, I would take my off day as an opportunity to rest as well.

Osman is a driven man with plenty of experience and wise knowledge to share with everyone. We hope you enjoyed getting to know one of our longest service staff here at Presto Drycleaners. Do drop some love for him on our Instagram page.

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