Meet The Team – Surene

In today’s Meet The Team Series, we have Surene. She is one of our many Retail Outlet Auntys at Presto Drycleaners. Working as a full time staff member, she works 5 days a week taking care of the store at Republic Plaza and Takashimaya. She ensures that the store is kept tidy and is in order. Although she has been working here for over a decade, she continues to diligently check every garment before and after cleaning to make sure both customer and office staff are able to proceed happily and efficiently. Her line of work requires patience and strength in being detailed and we are grateful to have her to be a part of our team.

With her many years of experience in the laundry service industry, she has all the tips and tricks in maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your garment which she loves sharing with her customers. In the interview below, let’s get to know more about the motivation behind her diligence at work.

  1. What were your aspirations when you were younger?

    When I first came to Singapore at the age of 16, I worked in an Airline Company. At that job, I helped to curate tour packages for other bigger airline companies. Many air stewardesses came from all over the world to collect their staff passes and etc. Hence, I grew up admiring these girls carrying the honour of their countries by being a flight stewardess. Ever since my first job, I always had a dream of becoming a Singapore Girl. Flying all over the world and representing the country that gave me a home.
  1. We know you wanted to be an air stewardess when you were younger? Why was there a change in your career goals?

    Sounds silly but I have a fear of heights. Hence the reason why I never continued my aspiration of being an air stewardess. However, because I wasn’t able to fly, I found a new career that I enjoy till today. And that is being a retail counter staff. My first retail counter job was at my very own CD shop located at Bedok Central. I used to sell CD’s of movies and albums. Unfortunately, with the rapid growth of technology, I had to close down the shop. Although my love for retail didn’t start at Presto Drycleaners, I am still grateful to have been part of the team for over a decade. 
  1. What was your most memorable customer service experience?

    As I’ve been working here for a long time, a few customers know me more than just as Presto Drycleaners retail staff. They’ve taken the effort to get to know my hobbies and interests. Hence, when customers come in to send their clothes for laundry and drycleaning they often come bearing gifts for me or even short catch up chats such as, sharing of bible studies is enough to make my day a whole lot better.
  1. We’re aware that with the advancements of technology, many things have changed such as the systems from 11 years ago. How have you adjusted to the current store?

    A decade ago, all invoices, receipts and calculations were done manually. We had to physically pen down customer’s items using our own descriptions while using the trusty old calculator. However, about 8 years ago, we changed our POS system that requires us to use a common standard of procedures. This change took me about a year to learn and get used to the new system.

    But, with training and practice, I am now used to it. Now, we are able to retrieve all kinds of information, prices and invoices with just a few clicks, savings us plenty of time.

Surene is a sweet and soft-spoken lady that enjoys having small conversations over handling your garments with care. We hope you enjoyed getting to know her. Drop by one of her counters to say hi & show some support.

At Presto Drycleaners, apart from being your personal laundry man, we believe in giving the elders an opportunity to learn and be as technology savvy as the younger generation. Giving them this opportunity, allows them to grow as individuals for a better present and future. If you are outspoken and confident with working as a counter retail staff, do drop your interest at with your resume and contact details. We would love to hear from you!