Muddy Footsteps in Your Car? Here are Some Tips on How to Keep Your Car Carpet Clean!

It can be difficult to assess when your carpet is dirty when it has the same colour as dust and mud. Some may find this convenient since they would not be worrying about guest passengers judging their car, but it is something that every car owner should not neglect. Leaving stains, mud, and even pet hair in your car carpet can be the cause of lots of problems. You can be risking your health if you decide to delay cleaning them or keep them unclean. While getting carpet cleaning services may help, it doesn’t mean you no longer put any effort into maintaining them!

When talking about maintaining the cleanliness of your car carpet, here are some tips that you can follow:

Avoid clutter

Dirt does not only come from the bottom of your shoes, they may also come from your bags or tools that you bring in the car with you. As soon as you set them down on your car carpet, it will catch all the dirt that your items have been carrying. Keeping them cluttered on your car floor will definitely give you a hard time maintaining your carpet clean. Hence, always get rid of the clutter so you can avoid the buildup of dust.

Vacuum regularly

After getting rid of the clutter, a strong handheld vacuum cleaner will be your best friend! This gadget will not only help you keep your car interiors dust-free, but it will also help you maintain your clean carpet. Pay attention to corners and even under your carpet to ensure that no dust will overstay their welcome in your car.

Shake them off when you get home

If you do not have the option to have a vacuum cleaner, doing it the traditional way is not a problem. Simply remove your carpets out of your car and give them a shake to get rid of a day’s worth of dirt. Some may even hang them from a clothesline, then pat them with a broom to remove crumbs that may have been stuck in the fibres of their carpet. However, doing this every day does not mean you should abandon the option of getting a carpet cleaning in Singapore altogether. Remember that the latter option is more effective than the former!

Treat stains immediately

No one can predict the weather, and no one would blame you if you got into your car with muddy shoes. It is good to remember that getting your car carpet muddy is more acceptable than catching a cold because you refuse to step into your newly-washed car carpets. The muddy stains are treatable, anyway. All you have to do is spill a small amount of water on the muddy spot and blot it with a towel or a tissue. Using a cleaning solution is also an effective option compared to water, so always keep a bottle of it in your car.

Bring them to the laundry shop

If worse comes to worst, and when stains in your carpet emit an unpleasant odour, you must bring them to a laundry service. With them, you can be assured that no damage will come to your car carpets since they do not use strong chemicals. What you can expect is that they will take care of their condition while removing all the mud, stains, and dust through means of washing and brushing them delicately!

Are you planning to get your car carpets cleaned? Send them to a laundry today!

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