Our Sunny Island: Fabrics that Keep the Sun Out, How Do We Keep It Clean?

Exposure under the sun is essential in keeping the blood levels in the body on a healthy spectrum. Not only is it fun to be outside when the sun is out, but it is also the most natural way that we can get enough vitamin D. Much like anything that we consume, sun exposure must be done in moderation. It is enough that you get 10 to 30 minutes of midday sunlight several times a week. However, getting caught in circumstances when you need to be out longer than the time recommended cannot be helped. Whether your job requires you to stay outside or you went hiking, you must know that there are clothes made to give you protection thanks to advancing UV-blocking fabrics. Fabrics like these require extra care as they are considered delicate.

Here, you will learn the specific care that each fabric needs to prolong its life and let you enjoy the sun with enough protection and comfort.

1. Crisp cotton

Summer or not, you can never go wrong with a soft cotton T-shirt to go about your day. What makes this a summer staple is its fabric composition. Unbleached cotton contains UV absorbers called natural lignings. To keep them in good condition, you must:

  • Wash in cold water
  • Gently stretch them when they come out of the wash
  • Always air dry under the sun
  • Follow the recommended iron temperature setting
  • Fold neatly before storing

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2. Bamboo Lyocell

Sustainable fabrics is something you should definitely opt for. Also known as bamboo lyocell, this is a type of rayon fibre extracted from bamboo plants and is then used to make clothing and accessories. With its unique material and properties, it needs special attention to give it a long lifespan. Remember to:

  • Wash it with cold water
  • Avoid chlorine-based or strong detergents
  • Dry in indirect sunlight and fresh air

Since this is a delicate fabric material, you should leave the removal of stains to a laundry pick up service. They will use suitable solvents that would not damage your garment!

3. Stylish wool

Wearing wool might not be the best option when dressing up in Singapore. However, wool has qualities that not only keep you warm during the monsoon season, but super-fine merino wool can be as light as cotton that also offers UV protection! To keep them clean, you must:

  • Use the gentle cycle in your washing machine
  • Wash with a detergent designed for woollens
  • Consider dry cleaning services (for the complete care package that your wool needs)

4. Linen

Other than using linen for your bedding, linen is a fabric perfect for your outdoor look under the sun! Durability, resiliency, and the way that it gets softer after repeated washes are the greatest qualities that make linen clothing great. When cleaning your linen fabrics, you should:

  • Limit the number of clothing that you put in the machine with them
  • Use cold water in the washer
  • Set your iron to a medium-hot setting if you find creases after washing
  • Avoid storing in plastic bags and cardboard boxes

A good idea is to bring all your linen fabrics to one laundry pick up in Singapore to avoid them over-crowding in  your washing machine!

Keeping your favourite summer fabrics in a clean condition is relatively easy. As long as you follow the care instructions, you can enjoy the sun protection that they naturally offer without the need for any re-application!

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