At Presto, we present your items neatly on a hanger, to provide you with the ease of hanging in your wardrobe. We stock multiple designs of hangers for every type of garment. We have packaging to accommodate your needs and provide flexibility for our service that suits you.

Packaging Options

For our standard packaging, your item is presented neatly hanged on our hanger.
We stock different types of hanger designs catered for various item types.
If you have any requests, please let our counter staff know.


Your item is presented neatly and individually on a plastic hanger.


Your item is individually folded and packed in a transparent carrier. A soft tissue paper or paper board is used to retain the shape of your item.


Opt for our newest packaging option to reduce plastic and save the earth.

Multiple pieces of garments will be packed together in a larger carrier bag. ⁠This reduces waste and saves spaces when packing them in your closet. ⁠


Our standard packaging for bottoms is packed based on the material, types, and lengths.
Different materials are presented differently based on fashion standards.
We try our best to provide special packaging requests should you wish your item to be presented a different way.

Fold Over

The item is folded over the bar of the hanger. The bar of the hanger is layered with sponge to prevent any indent on your item.

This is standard for business trousers, slacks and jeans.

Hang Long

The item is returned hung lengthwise on a clip hanger to prevent any indent on your garment.

This is standard for shorts and skirts.

At Presto, our services are always the highest quality. We provide specialised packaging options for different garment types!