A Collaboration Series with Local Singapore Brands

Behind every successful brand, is a team of individuals who have committed themselves to bringing the best quality products & services in whichever industry they belong to. Launched in 2013, IN GOOD COMPANY, a local Singapore brand is one with a great story to tell, amassing a great pool of supporters and fans worldwide. IGC is known for their distinctive draping techniques which has defined the modern look and feel of their collection. They offer a myriad wardrobe selection for all ages and genders, and their versatile pieces are certainly a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Today, we have the opportunity to interview the founding team of IN GOOD COMPANY on their journey as one of Singapore’s most favorite modern fashion labels. Here are 4 questions asked and answered by Sharon of IN GOOD COMPANY. 

Photo Credits: IN GOOD COMPANY

What does IN GOOD COMPANY stand for and your thoughts on the reason why your customers return again and again?

IN GOOD COMPANY creates designs that are timeless classics with a twist – modern, quietly confident and clean-cut. We hope our pieces form the building blocks of a versatile wardrobe, made for everyday wear and varied occasions. You can wear a piece that will take you through the 9-5 day straight to evening plans. All our designs are original, combining both classic tailoring techniques and artful drape work that stands out as original designs unique to us. We also make an effort to produce well-made pieces with impeccable finishing inside and out. You’ll find that our customers come from different demographics for this reason, where we are known to dress 3-generation of families across adults and kidswear, regardless of age and body type.

IN GOOD COMPANY has built up an international presence. What did the journey look like to get to where you are now?

Right from the beginning, we knew that we wanted to dress people beyond Singapore shores. However we’ve always taken a measured response to the opportunities that have come our way – it has to make sense, and we have to know we are ready for it in terms of our fulfilment capabilities. We started our label in December 2012; our first standalone store (ION Orchard) and international outpost (Jakarta) only opened in 2015. Since then, we have gone on to open three standalone stores in Singapore, and we currently have eight stores across Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. It’s been a fruitful journey and we are pleased that many of our international following initially discovered us from our ION Orchard store and E-store. Our international stores bring our brand closer to them, and also opens up to a whole new audience. Each city might have their own characteristics, but our brand ethos remains the same across the board. It is important that we maintain a great relationship with our international partners who have opened these stores together with us.

Photo Credits: IN GOOD COMPANY

What inspired IN GOOD COMPANY to expand your product range through partnerships? We have seen many exciting collaborations you had with local brands like Birds of Paradise, Plain Vanilla and Super Farmers. How do you think food & living influence what we wear?

The idea of collaboration and creative partnerships is important to us. It’s a company philosophy that is embodied in our very name. Many of the brands that we have collaborated with through the years have one thing in common – they’re great at what they do, and they do it well. It is this dedication to their craft that we are interested in, something that we wholeheartedly believe in for ourselves as well. We are excited to be collaborating with Presto in this regard.

Additionally, we have always wanted to be a brand that goes beyond just clothes. This is why you’ll find lifestyle wares as well as F&B offerings in our stores – we think this is complimentary in life, and just another facet of the IN GOOD COMPANY world that our customers will appreciate.

IN GOOD COMPANY is a label of wardrobe essentials defined by a clean and modern aesthetic, having worked with so many different materials, which fabric type in your opinion is the easiest to style and maintain?

Materials are wide-ranging and each holds different characteristics and appeal. We work a lot with cotton, but even within this one material type, there are many kinds and blends that can take many forms in design, and certainly, their maintenance. e.g. Stretch cotton (lovely and crisp, but perhaps not always easy to iron) vs linen (breezy but wrinkles are part of its appeal) vs seersucker (travels well, crease-resistant).

We do try to use materials that are easy to take care of throughout our collections. Clothes shouldn’t be precious, hard to wear or maintain. We do also use materials that are a little more luxurious in feel and weight, such as silks; and these would require dry-cleaning. Dry-cleaning is also preferred on certain designs that are a little more complex. All in all, we choose materials that bring a certain finesse and quality to our designs, while bearing in mind how it can be easily maintained by the customer; be it through home laundering or through professional dry-cleaning services such as Presto’s.

Photo Credits: IN GOOD COMPANY

Garment Care Tips by Presto

When caring for garments with fabric blends e.g. cotton blended with nylon or spandex, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each fabric base. Spandex gives the garment good stretchability and recoverability which makes the garment comfortable to wear in our Singapore climate. 

To best care for cotton with a small percentage of spandex, you can always hand wash them at home with warm water (<30 degrees) or machine wash them on a gentle cycle. Most garments with spandex do not wrinkle easily when dried/washed properly. The general rule is to not iron them unless absolutely necessary or desired. Iron on the lowest heat will ensure that the spandex in the garment is not damaged. 

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