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A Collaboration Series with Local Singapore Brands

Singapore, our little red dot on the world’s map, is known for being one of the shopping heavens for many. Offering a plethora of international labels and fashion brands at our shopping malls, you will have easy access to fashion brands both local and international. Moreover, with online shopping and global shipping available today, we are now spoilt with choices when it comes to fashion. 

At Presto Drycleaners, washing and caring for garments is our expertise and we have come across many prized garments from various luxurious brands. Many of these are globally known fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Dior and many others.  At times, we also wash some garment pieces from our homegrown fashion labels like In Good Company, Ying the label & CYC Tailor. It is at this moment that we feel heartened that our local brands are being appreciated and loved by our locals. 

Building a local fashion label has not been easy for our local designers. Given the size of our domestic market, Singapore fashion brands have to work extra hard to attract the eyeballs of global consumers, competing against the established major globally recognised fashion labels. 

Nevertheless, these local brands have taken up the challenge and set forth to design garments that not only look good, but are signature to their unique style and philosophy.  They are able to put their expertise into good use to create pieces that are modern, distinct and comfortable. Our local Singapore brands are highly comparable to many international fashion labels. You might be pleasantly surprised by how well designed and form-fitting our local labels are for us. 

On this note, we hope to bring along with us our belief in supporting local businesses and translate it into meaningful collaborations between local labels we all loved. We will continuously showcase our favourite local labels through partnerships, marketing initiatives and content sharing. By introducing their stories on our blog, we will be able to share more about the idea behind their brand, favourite materials and collections. 

With this, we hope to spark your interests and love for our Singapore brands to support and grow our vibrant art scene. There is a saying, every thought counts. Through our small efforts,  we hope to support local brands, put Singapore on the global fashion map. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming collaborations and stories!

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