Presto drycleaners offer a variety of services to provide expert cleaning and care for your apparels and garments. Our wide range of cleaning services is accompanied by its respective minimum price list.

For items not listed here, please enquire at counter.

All prices are inclusive of 9% GST



Garment Care


from $7.30

Shirt / Blouse / Top

from $8.30

Suit Jacket

from $12.80

Fashion Jacket

from $20.80

Cardigan / Sweater

from $11.30

Winter Jacket

from $35.80

Leather Jacket

from $98.80

Punjabi Dress (Ladies)

from $37.80

Punjabi Top (Ladies)

from $18.80

Punjabi Skirt (Ladies)

from $34.80

Trousers/ Slacks

from $9.30


from $9.30

Skirt - Short

from $9.80

Skirt - Long

from $16.30

Dress - Short

from $15.80

Dress - Long

from $28.80


from $28.80


from $7.30


from $10.30


from $15.30

Home and Bedding

Curtains (Day / Night) (Without Dismantling)

$14.30 per kg

Curtains (Day/ Night) (With Dismantling)

$15.30 per kg

Carpet / Rug

from $4.30 psf

Pillowcase / Bolstercase

from $3.80

Pillow / Bolster

from $37.80

Bedsheet (Single/S Single)

from $10.80

Bedsheet (Queen/King)

from $15.30

Cushion Cover (S) 40-60cm

from $11.80

Cushion Cover (M) 60-80cm

from $19.80

Roman Blinds (With Dismantling)

$2.80 psf

Quilt Cover (Single/S Single)

from $13.80

Quilt Cover (Queen/King)

from $21.80

Blanket / Comforter / Duvet / Bedspread (Single/S Single)

from $21.80

Blanket / Comforter / Duvet / Bedspread (Queen/King)

from $36.80

Mattress Protector (thin - Single/S Single)

from $12.80


from $5.30

Soft Toy S (10-30cm)

from $29.80

Alteration Services


from $15.30

Fixing Button

from $6.30

Change Elastic Band

from $25.30

Change Zipper

from $25.30


from $25.30

What's Included in the Service?

Laundry Pickup Service

We provide door to door laundry pickup & delivery with a minimum spend of S$50*.

Instant Quotation

Our drivers are well trained to assist you with the instant pricing based on the type of garments you have.

Weekly Regular Pickup

We can arrange for a fixed weekly pickup for you with our drivers. You can plan your week and do your laundry together with your weekly chores.

Quick Turnaround

We promise to get your items ready within 5 – 6 Working Days

PayNow Available

We accept PayNow for all our home pickup service. For our PayNow guide, please refer to our link in our footer.

Our Services

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Alteration Service

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Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtain cleaning is an essential part of house cleaning chores.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning is an integral part of house cleaning work.

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Laundry Pickup Service

If you are looking for greater convenience with your laundry.

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