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At Presto, we want to help you stay home and stay safe.
Let us do the heavy lifting for you, while you take time to re-energise, rest and relax in the comforts of your home.
Wash your bed linens weekly, Contact us at 6354 3277, Whatsapp 9228 3061 or Live Chat to make a FREE home pick up booking now!

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$35 Bedding Package with FREE Weekly Home Pick Up & Delivery

Wash & Iron up to 5 pcs of bed linen for a flat fee of $35. *Promotion is valid from 20 April til end of Circuit Breaker.

Bedding Package Includes:

Pillowcase, Bolstercase, Bedsheets (all sizes), Quilt Covers (all sizes), Mattress Protector (thin), Towels (all sizes)

Bedding Package Excludes:

Comforter/Blanket/Duvet/Quilt (all sizes), Carpets, Sofa Cover, Cushion Cover, Curtains

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