Removing Common Local Food Stains

Just like that, the long National Day Weekend is over. We hope you had plenty of rest and delicious local delicacies such as Chendol, Chilli Crab and Chicken Rice. Often with excitement and good food all around you, there’s bound to be some spill accidents. As your local dry cleaners we’re here to help you with these accidents. But first, as much as you’d like to skip laundry day after that long break, let’s avoid doing that to prevent the stain from setting. 

Now, let’s go through some solutions for these stains before resorting to sending them to your local dry cleaners. 

Kopi Stains

As locals, we can agree that we can’t live without our morning Kopi Peng or Kopi Siew Dai, especially ones from our local coffee stall, Ya Kun! Sometimes, with how the cups are, it might drip onto your garments causing a brown colored stain onto your garment which can be pretty hard to remove. However, with the right technique, you can remove this ‘impossible to remove’ stain easily. 

  1. Flush the fabric with cold water 
  2. Mix powdered detergent with equal parts of cold water and white vinegar to create a paste and apply it onto the stain 
  3. Use a gentle toothbrush or brush to scrub the stain 
  4. Rinse the fabric thoroughly and wash as per the instructions

The stain on your garment should be removed fully. In any case there’s still remains of the stain, you may attempt to do the above again. 

Nasi Lemak Chilli Stain 

What’s a National Day weekend without a local meal like Nasi Lemak! If you’re clumsy like us, and had spilled that sweet chilli all over your garment, you’re probably left smelling like chilli or with a reddened, greasy stain that seems impossible to remove. Well, let’s help you remove this stain with these easy steps. 

  1. Scoop out all the nasi lemak chilli and wash the leftover stain with cold water. 
  2. Soak the garment in a solution of ½ cup cold water and ½ cup white vinegar for 10 minutes to lift the stain
  3. Use a white towel to dab the water off. You should have seen a significant change in the stain colour. 
  4. Once done, wash as per the instructions. 

And that’s it! Just 4 simple steps to help remove that sweet chilli stain. 

Kaya Butter

If you’ve taken your morning coffee at Ya Kun, you’ve definitely fallen into getting yourself a breakfast set that includes crispy toasts that are loaded with Kaya and Butter. As we know, when taking a bite, it may drop onto your pants or skirt causing that greasy and oily stain. The tricky bit with butter stains is that it may not show right away but will over time turn into a yellow/ brown stain if not removed immediately. 

The good thing is, you can remove the stain using the method below.

  1. Simply apply a few drops of dishwashing liquid soap to the stain and work the soap into the stain with your fingers 
  2. Let it sit for about 2 hours and wash as per the instructions.

And there you have it, ways to remove all kinds of stains. We hope this blog has helped you with your stain worries. However, if ever in a situation where the stain seems like it’s impossible to remove even after using the methods mentioned above, you may send them to your local dry cleaners to use the relevant industrial tools to help remove them!

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