Say Goodbye to Pests in Your Car: How a Clean Carpet Can Help

Have you ever wondered why they put carpets in cars? While it may not be painted in red to make you feel like you are walking in a film premiere or awards show, it does not mean that you should neglect it or even abuse it. Car carpets exist to function as a sound dampener. Since your car engine rumbles and makes a loud noise, your car carpet absorbs these sounds to keep you focused on your driving. However, outside of this function, having a dirty

one is not ideal. Aesthetically speaking, it is also not attractive to have one either. What is worst of it all is that keeping an unclean carpet in your car can, figuratively, transform into a magnet that can lure unwanted visitors into your car. They are none other than pests. If you do not want to see roaches, ants, mosquitoes, and even rats, having them washed regularly at a service provider of carpet cleaning in Singapore will give you the relief and peace of mind that you need when driving with your family.

What Can a Clean Carpet Do to Your Car?

Carpets can be so unforgiving. It may stubbornly hold dirt, dust, and mud. It does not help that it can come in the same colour as dirt, too, because it would be easy to overlook that detail. With all the hustle and bustle that you do daily, you may never pay attention to your carpet until you trap a pest in your car. Well, today is a good day to change that perspective!

Here is what having a clean car carpet can do for you and your car:

Improve air quality

Carpets naturally trap both visible and microscopic items, and it is all thanks to gravity. Dust, pollen, and even pet dander that circulates in your car will eventually fall to the floor. With its intricate fabric weaving, carpets trap them and keep them from circulating again, if you practice regular cleaning. As a result, air quality will improve and it would help in preventing allergy symptoms!

Temperature control

Not plenty of people know that bed bugs can live in their cars. Even without having a bed in your car, as long as the temperature is right for them, they would not hesitate to make it their shelter. A few tropical species of bed bugs can actually survive in higher temperatures, hence even if you soak your car out in the sun, they might not go away. So, where did they come from? Your uncleaned carpet. If you want to keep a balanced temperature within your car, including your car carpet in your laundry service in Singapore would give you a pleasant trip.

Say goodbye to pests

Having direct and indirect contact with pests in a closed space can affect your health. They carry harmful bacteria that can pose health risks if you let them stay in your car for a long time because you refuse to clean your carpet that attracts them. Cockroaches, for instance, shed their skin and leave droppings that can quickly become airborne allergens. Having a family member who is sensitive to allergens will be the victim of this neglect on your carpet cleaning. Hence, you must keep track of your carpet condition and keep them clean at all times. In this way, you can say goodbye to your worries about developing medical conditions.

Do You Want to Drive Comfortably? Get Your Car Carpet Cleaned at Presto Drycleaners!

Before you decide to buy a new car that does not have a carpeted floor, you must learn how to appreciate what your clean carpets do to your current vehicle. Remember how much money you can save from having your car carpet cleaned instead of buying a new car. It would only take regular service from Presto Drycleaners, the best laundry service in Singapore, to get you the benefit of driving with peace of mind!

Let us give your car carpet the attention that it needs. If you have questions about our pick-up services and fees, feel free to contact us on our website today!