Washing Machine or Laundry Service: What is Best for Your Carpet?

Don’t you find it convenient when you see symbols in your clothing that indicate if they are washing machine safe? It helps you easily identify if you can include these clothing pieces in your weekly laundry or only let the dry cleaners handle them. However, clothing pieces are not the only ones that need cleaning, and sometimes, they are the ones that do not come with care tags. These include your bedding, towels, curtains, and, of course, your carpets.

Carpets can break monotonous flooring, help soften hard tile and wood floors, and brighten up space with their intricate designs. With all these services that your carpet is doing for you, it is only right that you give them some tenderness, love, and care. You can start by maintaining them with regular cleaning and vacuuming.

Why Should You Clean Your Carpets?

A clean house enables you and your family to have good health. It is part of practising hygienic habits that prevents you from triggering allergic reactions and, essentially, being healthy all-year-round. Carpets are those indoor objects that must be part of what you should clean and maintain since they magnets many germs, bacteria, and dust in their depths. Hence, if you want to keep good air quality, extend your carpets’ lifespan, and prevent unpleasant odours from overstaying in your home, you should start giving them attention!

The question that may pop in your mind now is, ‘how do I clean them?’ Homeowners, like you, have two options. You can either include them in your home washing machine or get professional carpet cleaning in Singapore. Here, let’s discuss which is the best option for your carpet.

With tough stains, go for a carpet cleaning service

Since care tags are typically not included in some non-commercial carpets, it may be hard to decipher if they can be safe in your washing machine. While cleaning it by hand is a good option, not all of us have the time and the appropriate cleaning materials to remove tough stains. When you are caught in this dilemma, it is better to opt for a carpet cleaning service. With them, your carpet will receive safe and carpet-friendly cleaning solutions.

A great point about this option is that each fibre of the carpet will be cleaned and kept safe  as they are handled by professionals. On top of that, they also have specialised equipment that can accommodate every type of carpet material, so you do not have to worry about your hand-woven or hand-knotted carpet getting damaged.

Rubber-backed carpets can go in the machine

Manufacturers know that making carpets safe for washing machines would be loved by many. They can create carpet pieces made of cotton or synthetic fibres that are machine-safe. Some small braided or woven pieces can be cleaned there as well, but take note of the big and heavy carpets because you do not want them to be the ones that break your machine.

Thanks to technology, washing machines come in many cleaning options. It can go from mild to specialised cleaning processes. When putting your carpet in them, ensure that it is in the gentlest cycle and use cold water. A point to remember when doing this method is to not do it very often. Doing this can cause your carpets to be vulnerable to wear and tear.

Long-term care is achievable with regular carpet cleaning

One may say that the most used item in the house is the carpet. It interacts with plenty of elements daily, including dirt, pet dandy, and even catches dead skin cells. Over time, these elements will cause abrasion that leads to faster deterioration, shortening its lifespan. If you want to enjoy the comfort that it can give you and your family, investing in a regular carpet cleaning service is the way to go!

A clean carpet ensures a healthy home environment

Sometimes, the culprit of bad health is not with what you eat, but it is what you live with, and they can be your carpet. Notorious for sheltering allergens and bacteria, carpets should be a priority on your cleaning list. As long as you keep them cleaned, you can expect to have fewer allergic reactions, improved air quality, and reduce the risk of getting health problems!

At Presto Drycleaners, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean carpet with our laundry services in Singapore. We offer a four-step deep cleaning process that ensures that your carpet gets the care they need. 

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