What Happens in A Carpet Cleaning Service?

No matter how clean you think you keep your home, there’s a piece of furnishing that keeps dirt, dust, bacteria, and grime well underneath: carpets.

From the dirt and mud your shoes track in daily to the food crumbs, spills and stains you left from last night’s binge-watching, your carpet serves as a catch basin of all the impurities that goes into your home. While regular vacuuming may help, it’s not enough to reach the dirt deep within the fibres of your carpet, thus sooner or later you would have to call in professional help.

To keep your carpets clean and in pristine condition for several years, it’s a must to take your carpets to the cleaners at least every 3-6 months. This is particularly true if you have pets or there is high foot traffic at home. It will help you remove any stains, spills, and dirt that could cause wear and tear to your furnishing.

So, what should you expect in carpet cleaning?

What Professional Carpet Cleaning Does To Your Carpet

Removes Dirt, Dust, & Bacteria

As said earlier, a vacuum merely removes surface dirt. Unfortunately, dirt, dust, and every particle imaginable sink deep within the fibres of your carpet and will likely stay there unless it receives professional treatment. Over time, these particles will wear out the fibres, causing it to deteriorate faster than expected.

Not only that, but these impurities also pollute your indoor air, creating a harmful environment that could trigger allergies, asthma, and other serious respiratory problems.

Washes Away Carpet Stains

Another advantage of professional carpet cleaning is that it removes even some of the toughest of stains—wine, ink, grease, pet stains, coffee spills, etc.

Professional carpet cleaners in Singapore use advanced solutions that are tailor-made for addressing different types of stains. So, after a cleaning service, you no longer have to worry about how you would hide the ugly spots in your carpet.

Improves Indoor Air

Dirty carpets are prone to developing mould growth when exposed to excessive moisture, and like any other pollutants, mould and mildew can sink deep in the carpet fibres, polluting the air and triggering allergic reactions.

The good news, though, is that having your carpet cleaned regularly prevents mould and mildew growth. It also keeps your carpet from attracting dust mite and other pests which can further exacerbate allergies.

Enhances Overall Appearance Without Residue

Because your carpet receives the most use in your home, it just makes sense that you give much thought about how much dirt is being tracked in its fibres every day.

No matter how clean it may look, it actually holds more dirt and dust than you can imagine—four times its weight in dirt, to be exact—and it would eventually show in its dirty, faded look.

What’s great about a professional carpet cleaning service is that not only does it remove stains, dirt, dust, and whatnot, it also doesn’t leave residues which often happens when you try to clean your carpet yourself.

At Presto Drycleaners, we take pride in our carpet cleaning service where we use updated equipment and professional-grade cleaning products to restore your carpeting to a like-new condition.

We offer transparent pricing. Our standard carpet cleaning price is $3.50 per square foot, with a minimum charge of $60 per carpet. You can get an instant quotation by sending us the measurement of your carpets at home and for your added convenience, we also offer free door-to-door home pickup and delivery for your carpet cleaning requirements.

Get your carpets cleaned. Book a free home pickup at Presto Drycleaners today!

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