Work from Home Outfit 101

As we are in the 2nd week out of circuit breaker, many of us will continue to work from the comforts of our home. Having said that, the word “comfort” might be debatable. Some might be having a productive time while some would feel low on energy or distracted. Fret not, you are not the only one! We can always spice things up and make working from home bearable and enjoyable. “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

Though that is that, a person’s personality surely defines one’s definition of comfort and motivation. Thus, we would like to share with you how different types of people would dress to motivate. Hopefully, this would spark some inspiration for your dress fashionably armor to kickstart your day!

On a side note, if you are packed with learning new skills, working out, or spending quality time with your kids, you can always reach out to us for laundry pickup services!

For the relaxed

For some, we would feel extremely comfortable to be in our pajamas. What better time to do so than now, we can be in our PJs all day working from home. Some pajamas that are made of silk and satin are extremely comfortable to slip on. With the rainy season in Singapore for the past few weeks, some might even want to be in their fluffy pajamas made of flannel or cotton. Nordstrom’s Moonlight short pajamas is a lightweight, ultra-soft, comfy pajamas set that you would want to snug in for a chill day ahead. 

For the creative

Need a dosage of bright colors to brighten up your day? Put on Tommy Hilfiger Tie Dye Fleece Hoodie and you will instantly feel a surge of warmth hugging you to cheer you up. What a good way to kick start one’s day! 

For the edgy and chic 

Who says one can’t suit up at home? To all the blazer and leather jackets fanatics, do not be disappointed. The blazer is perfect for the Zoom Meeting with your team. Envelope1976 Lyon oversized double-breasted satin-trimmed wool blazer is a sleek and comfortable blazer that will never go out of style. 

For the Feminine

Many ladies might be longing to wear their lacey dress or floral print clothing for that casual garden look. Something suitable for home wear would be, Faithful the brand floral-print crepe midi dress. This flowy lovely dress patterned with dainty florals creates a sweet and pinkish vibe. The lightweight fabric shirred at the waist also shows off one’s flattering figure.

For the exercise junkie

This is the best time to slot some exercises in between work! To remind ourselves not to miss our workout session, we can motivate ourselves by wearing our favorite comfy workout gear. Who says sports gears are tacky? Check out these bright and cool sports outfits from P.e nation, one of the favorites owned by the Kardashians. These sports gears are made unique with geometric shapes and bright colors.

All in all, we should all take this time to slow down and live our lifes to the fullest. Working from home might be the new norm. Just remember, absence makes our hearts grow fonder, and it will be the same with our friends and families. Technology will bring us closer together while being apart. In the meantime, you can always leave the laundry chore to us. Don’t be hesitant to call us at 6354 3277 or send us a message on Whatsapp for a laundry pick up service. Leave the chores to us, and spend the time doing the things you want!

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